• booktube yasmin - Booktube Babble: An Interview with Yasmin from yasminthereader
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    Booktube Babble: An Interview with Yasmin from yasminthereader

    Today, I’m bringing you a very exciting interview with Yasmin from yasminthereader. I’ve been a fan of Yasmin for a long time now; she’s a booktuber who is based in the same city as me (Melbourne) and I have been LOVING all her recent content. NOTE: Yasmin is also currently hosting a read-along of the A Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy by V.E Schwab which begins this month. The first book, A Darker Shade of Magic, is the book for the month of August (I am going to try my hardest to squeeze it in my reading this month). She is co-hosting it with Sabine’s Book Nook, with a liveshow…

  • book vs adaptation 1 - Book Vs Adaptation: Netflix's Cursed

    Book Vs Adaptation: Netflix’s Cursed

    Considering the fact that I rated this book 4 stars (you can find my review here), you’d think I’d have high expectations. I don’t really think I did, but I also didn’t know exactly what I was getting into when I began watching the Netflix adaptation of Cursed. Sure, the trailer looked amazing but trailers can be very deceiving. In case you didn’t know, Cursed is the tv show adaptation of the book of the same name. It is an Arthurian Legend retelling about Nimue, aka the Lady of the Lake, and her journey after acquiring the Sword of Power (traditionally known as Excalibur but in this story, called Devil’s…

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    Turning Book Twitter Drama Into Book Recommendations

    Cue the drama channels’ wii music soundtrack. So, in case you guys weren’t aware, there has been a lot going on on Book Twitter in the last…well, forever. There’s always a controversy or some bit of drama going on in the world of Book Twitter. While many of these issues are really important. I thought I would bring a bit of light and fun by redirecting the negativity towards a more positive topic in the form of book recommendations! I was honoured to have Joel from Fictional Fates help me out with some recommendations, to make sure we are recommending a wide variety of books with bipoc, poc and own…

  • cover small scaled - August Plan With Me | Bookish Bullet Journal
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    August Plan With Me | Bookish Bullet Journal

    It is with great pleasure that I present, my August spreads for my bullet journal. It was so fun creating this last night, I got super into it and I’m really proud of how it turned out. I went on a little shopping spree on Etsy a few weeks ago and the first things to arrive were the items I got from K.C. Journal. I got some washi tape in various muted colours and a pack of gorgeous low opacity stickers with a cool purple and blue theme (the Nature pack which you can find here). Since this order came first, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use…

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    July Wrap Up & August TBR

    And with that, July ended. Wow, this month has flown by. I thought that time would be slowing as most of us are stuck inside. I have been working from home, studying from home and doing my hobbies from home with occasional walks outside to grab a coffee down the road and buying my groceries once a week. It’s been weird. Work was super busy and I was feeling a bit stressed that I ended up taking a couple of days off, but I somehow managed to read way more than I have in any other month so far this year and that’s kind of amazing. When I haven’t been…

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    Our Chemical Hearts Book Review

    This book is one of those contemporaries I had heard so much about from friends and bookstagram but just never got around to buying because I already have so many of those on my shelves. However, it just happened that I found out through a newsletter that this book is getting its own movie, featuring Lili Reinhart, that comes out in August on Amazon Prime and Penguin Teen Australia were kind enough to send me a review copy before I could watch the movie. So, a huge thank you to Penguin Teen Australia because I LOVED this book and I cannot wait to see the movie adaptation. I’ll be doing…

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    Cursed Book Review

    I had personally never heard of this book until I was perusing a Penguin Teen email about their newest releases, and it stated that this was becoming a Netflix adaptation! I was intrigued, and Penguin kindly sent me the movie tie-in of the book in exchange for a review, so thank you Penguin Teen Australia! This book is authored by Thomas Wheeler but there is also artwork in between the story which was created by Frank Miller. From the reviews on Goodreads before reading this, I was optimistic that I would enjoy it especially because I love the Arthurian Legend retellings. I was a huge fan of the TV Show…

  • 107168021 612069969416574 6376616686226336870 n scaled - The Disaster Tourist Book Review

    The Disaster Tourist Book Review

    I am definitely going to be counting this read towards the Koreadathon, even though I wasn’t officially participating. The Disaster Tourist is actually a translated book from Korean to English; as a Korean learner and Korean culture enthusiast, it obviously caught my eye and a huge thanks to Allen & Unwin Australia for providing me with the gorgeous HARDBACK copy – it’s beautiful and I almost cried cause I love hardbacks; in exchange for an honest review. Upon my finishing of the book, I also had an awesome chat with the author Yun Ko-Eun who is lovely and I can’t wait to read more of her work. TW: sexual harassment,…

  • 100887079 559557434642854 2811293379290202112 n scaled - Sex & Vanity Book Review

    Sex & Vanity Book Review

    It can be said that Crazy Rich Asians, the book and the movie has garnered much fame and success in the last few years that Kevin Kwan has become a well-known author. I’ve heard many things about Kevin Kwan, but I had yet to read one of his novels. A huge thank you to Penguin for sending me this review copy in exchange for a review; this review was originally published and written by me on The Nerd Daily so you can also read it here. Goodreads Blurb: The iconic author of the bestselling phenomenon Crazy Rich Asians returns with a glittering tale of love and longing as a young…

  • 106340102 1213718345687314 763583376103402995 n scaled - A Lonely Girl Is A Dangerous Thing Book Review

    A Lonely Girl Is A Dangerous Thing Book Review

    When I was recommended this book by Allen & Unwin to review, I was pretty optimistic. As an Australian-Asian woman, it was awesome that I could read more books by female Australian-Asian authors like Jessie Tu and help promote their work, so a big thank you to Allen & Unwin for letting me do that. Let’s get into this review! Goodreads Blurb Growing up is always hard, but especially when so many think you’re a washed-up has-been at twenty-two. Jena Chung plays the violin. She was once a child prodigy and is now addicted to sex. She’s struggling a little. Her professional life comprises rehearsals, concerts, auditions and relentless practice;…