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    Defending the Galaxy by Maria V Snyder Book Review

    This review feels like it’s way overdue! I read this last month and as the year began, just as I posted my goals and hopes to blog at least twice a week – a sudden and unfortunate event happened in my life. Suffice it to say that January began with unexpected grief and it’s been really hard to blog and even read, especially with a busy work schedule. Anyway, I’m finally bringing you this review today – for the final book in the Sentinels of the Galaxy trilogy! I have previously interviewed Maria V Snyder about the first two books because I’ve overall really enjoyed this series. So you can…

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    Recent Reads | Mini-Reviews & A Surprise Favourite

    Since 2020 ended on a rather busy note, I never ended up doing mini-reviews for some of the books I read in the last quarter. So, today I’m catching up! I’m always a fan of the BookTuber recent reads videos so I thought I’d do a blog post with a few mini-reviews of some of my recent reads myself. Let me know if you prefer these kinds of blog posts over in-depth reviews too! In this one, I’ll be trying to keep them short and sweet. To avoid having to spiel the synopsis, please click on the book cover to be redirected to the Goodreads page 🙂 Please note: since…

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    December & 2020 Wrap-Up, 2021 Goals + January/Summerween TBR

    As I mentioned in my latest life update, the excruciating lockdown Melbourne was in for over 2 months finally ended and I had to let myself relax because socialising was a thing again! Not to mention that the Christmas season is insane when you have a big family. So I didn’t read much in December but I’m overall super proud of myself for my reading this year. Even if blogging took a back-burner sometimes, I don’t feel bad about it either and something 2020 taught me is to let go and enjoy reading and blogging for what they are: hobbies. I’m not going to be taking things too seriously or…

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    My Best Books of 2020

    Well, it was a pleasure to say Goodbye to 2020 a couple of days ago but I have to say, my reading in 2020 was amazing. I read more books in a year than I ever have (since I was probably like 11 cause I started reading as a hobby again at age 18) and I read a lot of books I really enjoyed. Picking my favourites was really hard; if you’re ever curious of what other books I loved though, you can check out my shelves on Goodreads 🙂 Without further ado, let’s talk about my best books of 2020! Top 3 Favourite Books of 2020: Skyward by Brandon…

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    My Highly Anticipated 2021 Releases

    I feel so disorganised whenever I think about all the books coming out next year that I have no idea even exist. I used to be so ‘in the know’ on what books were coming out that I could predict book boxes just based on the teasers, but these days, with my minimalist outlook and my intimidating physical tbr – I’m not planning on buying many books! Therefore, my anticipated 2021 booklist is a bit short. The list isn’t really in any order but I am hoping to read more contemporary and adult books next year since a lot of my current physical tbr is very YA and every fantasy.…

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    Discussion Galore,  Truffle Babble

    I Must Confess [but I still believe] | My Book Blogger Confessions

    I know it’s been a hot minute since I blogged so I thought I’d come back stronger than ever by roasting none other than myself! When it gets to this time of year, I think it’s always good to reflect and today – I’m airing out my own dirty laundry and owning up to my blogger confessions. I’m not proud but let this be more appropriate than the viral YouTuber apology videos. I’m the Worst Book Club Member I know. It’s shameful but I find it super hard to commit to a book club. For a lot of them, I’ll read the first book and then ditch it because I…

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    November Wrap-Up & My TBR For the Rest of 2020

    So, November went by too fast. Work and uni were super busy and Melbourne finally came out of lockdown so my SO and I were able to go out, see friends and get basically all our Christmas shopping done early (yes I’m always early). That meant that I was exhausted and super tired most of the time. I wrote a bit about my life update in my previous post right here if you’re interested. With that, I didn’t read much but that’s okay. It felt like so little because I had gotten used to reading 10-13 books a month in the last 3 months but my total for November was…

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    Truffle Babble

    Avoiding Burnout, Life Update & What I’m Currently Reading

    November has been a crazy month! The strict lockdown in Melbourne ended and we celebrating almost a month of no new COVID cases which is amazing. With lockdown easing, I’ve been able to go out and do things with my SO and we haven’t been at home as often (naturally). Unfortunately, because of being able to go out – y’know, have a somewhat sort of social life, and my favourite; being able to go shopping for things and just browsing (a small hobby of mine), I have been exhausted. My body and my mind are still getting used to not being cooped up in an apartment for months on end…

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    BookTube Babble: An Interview With Oliviareadsalatte

    This series is one of the absolute favourite things I love about my blog and today, I’ve had the absolute HONOUR and JOY to interview the one and only Oliviareadsalatte! I have been binging her videos in the last 6 months as Melbourne was in a lockdown and I love her content. Her recommendations are great, her dog and cat are so adorable and she has made me want to buy so many more thriller books once my TBR is down to a sizeable amount. Without further ado, here is the interview and I hope you love her responses as much as I do 🙂 1. Hi Olivia! Thank you…

  • Header These Violent Delights - These Violent Delights Book Review | Blog Tour & Giveaway!

    These Violent Delights Book Review | Blog Tour & Giveaway!

    In case you missed it, a beautiful book called These Violent Delights by a very young author called Chloe Gong is coming out this year – and the HYPE has been REAL. When you see bloggers like The Quiet Pond and Shut up Shealea screaming about it on Book Twitter, saying it DESTROYED them, you know it’s something you should look forward to. By whatever gods and goddesses’ will, The Nerd Daily kindly managed to get me an eARC copy to review this book and I positively devoured it. AND, I had the pleasure of joining the Caffeine Book Tour for this lovely novel so that I can share this…