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Booktubeathon Reading Update


It’s currently Day 4 in the Booktubeathon, so I thought I’d do a quick update since we’re basically halfway now (in my timezone in Australia anyway).

Here is a little summary of how I’ve been going with the challenge.


I was very sleep deprived the next day but I finished my first book I Am Number Four on Day 1 *cheers* YAY.

I was pretty proud of myself for pushing my reading so much cause honestly, it wasn’t as fun compared to reading it the first time when I was like 15…Another case of “I thought it was so good when I was younger”. I mean, the book was good but it obviously had its flaws. I am however too lazy to write a review about it but I will slowly get through the whole series since I remember the sequel being infinitely better.


I finished another book!! YAY. I managed to finish Autoboyography in one day. It was a super cute contemporary that I will be reviewing super soon. It was a very quick read because it was written pretty well.


I sadly started to slack…I was going so well too!! I started Sleeping Giants but I did not finish it, only reading the first chapter because I was so tired from a long day or studying and anxiety filled stressing over studying -_-


This is today, and tonight I’m definitely finishing Sleeping Giants, it’s just about catching up by reading a good chunk of the next book. What’s super helpful is I have access to the audiobook of A Thousand Pieces of You through my subscription with Scribd. So I can start listening to it on my way to work and back 😀 I do prefer reading the physical book, so if I’m not too tired I’ll try to read at least 50 or so pages of ATPOY. It’s ok if I’m a little sleep deprived for a week, this challenge is so worth it!


I’ve officially completed two challenges:

  • Let a coin toss decide your first read (I Am Number Four)
  • A Book to Movie Adaptation (I Am Number Four)


That’s it for my quick update. Slacked a little bit but I will make my way back up! How is your booktubeathon going?


xx Tracy

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