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Booktubeathon 2018 Wrap-Up

Hey Guys! The Booktubeathon is basically over for me now, and I’m happy and proud yet a little sad with how I went. Let’s check out how many books I read.

I read a total of 4 out of 7 books in my TBR including:

I am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Total Page Count: 1,495 pages

I’m personally a bit disappointed because I started off so well, reading the first two books in two days, and almost caught up by finishing the last two books on Friday. Unfortunately, I had to priorities and I had two assignments to finish (which are due tomorrow, and I’m still doing one right now), and I had to sadly push the books away after I finished that last one. It’s so sad because if I didn’t have to study, I would’ve read them all but, I do live in the real world and I have responsibilities…

I am quite proud of my progress though, it shows me how much time I have to read normally because I wasn’t really pushing myself super hard except for those first two days (I was hella sleep deprived cause I went to bed at like 1 AM (T_T) ), and also because unlike last year, I didn’t choose super skinny books to purposely read them faster. This year, I chose decent sized books, with all my reads being from 320-400 pages (I mean, look at that awesome final page count above), which are the regular size books I would be reading during any month. And to get some more perspective, I read 4 books. That’s half of the books I read for the whole month of July which is amazing to me. It honestly boosts me up and lets me know that; hey, I can read that huge massive tbr I set for myself for this month, I really can.

For anyone who did the booktubeathon this year and didn’t get to read all those books, kudos to you for trying. You did an amazing job anyway to even finish one book within a week, and I’m proud of you all the way from Australia. The whole point of the booktubeathon is to get people reading and encouraging our massive community to support each other and celebrate what we love to do; which is read!

Anyway, I babbled, let’s continue.

The final number of challenges I was able to complete were:

Let a coin toss decide your first read (I Am Number Four)

A Book to Movie Adaptation (I Am Number Four)

Read About Something You Want to Do (A Thousand Pieces of You)

Read a Book with Green on the Cover (A Thousand Pieces of You – not the original book but it’s got green ok)

Read a Book with a Beautiful Spine (Autoboyography – again, not the original book but it’s gorgeous)

Read a Book while Wearing the Same Hate the Whole Time (A Thousand Pieces of You)

Total of 6/7 Challenges

Yes, I did change a few of the original books but to be fair, many of the books I chose fit many categories. I also wore a beanie like I said for the majority of the week as I was reading those books cause while you guys in Europe and Asia are having massive heatwaves, we’re freezing here in Australia. I don’t complain much though cause I love winter 😛 I’m so happy I did manage to tick off all those challenges except the last ones during this week. I feel like that’s another cute achievement to be proud of too!

The books that I didn’t get to, will get added on to my August pile and I will hopefully get through them all (and get past my reading challenge :D).

If you participated, how did you go? How do you feel you went? Let me know in the comments below or dm me on whatever social media platform if you ever want a chat.


xx Tracy

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  • Rachana

    It’s great that you managed to read 4 books! I’ve never done Booktubeathon but it does seem like a bit of a challenge since you have to devote all of your time to reading. I feel like I’d probably only finish a handful of books if I participated in it.

    • Tracy

      Thank you! It is a little hard, especially with my full schedule of work and study, you should still try it sometime!

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