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BOOK TAG: The Ultimate Book Tag

So I read this super cute post today from Bookmark Your Thoughts and I had to do it asap 😀 This will be a little shorter though because I’ve had one hell of a weekend cramming assignments for uni and have hardly done any reading. I want to read. Badly (if only responsibilities would let me).

Let’s get into it!


Do You Get Sick While Reading in the Car?


It is the weakness I am most ashamed of. I can read on the train but not in the car. Nausea kills.


Which Author’s Writing is Completely Unique to You and Why?


Hmm…I’ll say Maggie Stiefvater is on a whole other level that only Laini Taylor can get close to in terms of unique writing styles.


Harry Potter Series or Twilight? Give 3 points Why.



  1. Magic. Real magic. And a MAGIC IN SCHOOL.
  2. Potions. I love potions.
  3. Dragons *cough* Draco Tom Felton *cough*


Do You Carry a Book Bag? If So, What’s in it (besides books)?


No…but I have a book sleeve that I use to protect the books I bring everywhere.


Do You Smell your Books?


I swear publishers put some kind of obscure cocaine within the pages of books that attract a certain type of people, and that certain demographic includes me.

(in other words f#ck yes)


Books With or Without Little Illustrations?


I don’t mind either or, they’re usually super cute anyway.


Do You have any Funny Stories Involving Books from Your Childhood?


I once spilt juice on a book and cried so hard about it. I still own it and to this day it’s got orange crinkles in half the pages.


What is the Thinnest Book on Your Shelf?


Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss. Thanks, High School, that was a nice farewell touch when I graduated.


What is the Thickest Book on Your Shelf?


Ahhh IDK. I’ll say it’s either, The Host, Breaking Dawn or The Final Empire.


Do You Write as Well as Read? Do You See Yourself as an Author in the Future?


I only write for my own contentment in this blog. No, I am not an author and nor will I ever be! I prefer to edit, I wouldn’t mind becoming an editor one day. I did have a strange book idea dream the other week though, so any potential authors in need of an original idea – hit me up.


When Did You Get into Reading?


Aged 10, to help me learn and improve my England.


What is Your Favourite Classic Book?


Anne of Green Gables <3 My love.


In School, What was Your Best Subject?


I got some good Asian genes, I topped all my classes in primary school and high school…until 11th grade where a teacher ruined my gift for maths and I haven’t been able to Math ever since. English was also strangely my weak point towards the second half of high school, probably because that was when I was hardly ever reading (rip). If I had to choose specific subjects, I’ll say Science and Psychology.


If You Were Given a Book as a Present that You had Read Before and Hated,

What Would You Do?


Um…Keep it for a while then donate it to the local op shop or to a literary charity.


What is a Lesser Known Series that You Know of That is Similar to Harry Potter or

The Hunger Games?


I have no idea…I have basically been reading all the popular series and books in the last year and a half because I missed out on 5-6 years of reading when I fell out of it during high school. I probably won’t start reading lesser known series from the library until at least end of next year sometime cause my physical tbr is still currently so overbearing.


What is Your Favourite Word?


It changes every day. Today, it is WAFT. I’m wafting up the road. Let me waft that thing over for you. Waft away, Sailor!


Are you a Nerd, Dork or Dweeb?


Nerd. My dad calls me that so I go with you, and I am part of The Nerd Daily team 😛


Vampires or Fairies? Why?



I’ll have to say Fairies, purely because they’re generally associated with a season and I’m a hella winter fairy.


Shapeshifters or Angels?


Shapeshifters all the way. Angels are alright but shapeshifters are the sneaky bastards I wish I could be.


Spirits or Werewolves?


Werewolves. It would be nice to have a pack, like a family and I’d be super soft and cute with fur.


Zombies or Vampires?


VAMPIRES. Zombies are kinda gross, but vampires are badass. I loved this tv show called Moonlight that was about vampires and I was devastated when it got cancelled. I personally want to see more vampire books, even though that trend is over at the moment.

Full on Romance Books or Action-Packed With a Few Love Scenes Mixed in?


Full on romance! I’d rather that, and another book that purely action-packed with no romance but only platonic friendships. Not every book including action or mystery or whatever needs romance on the side, stick to the meaty action bits and I’m happy. I do love a good romance book and I’m reading one right now 🙂


And that’s it for the questions! I wanted to keep this nice and short, like 73 questions with Vogue and spare you the gifs and memes for tonight. I hope you enjoyed this tag! It was fun answering the questions.


I tag Jasper + Spice, The Bookish King and Ambsreads   

– and anyone else who would like to partake (like I did, did you think I was popular HA)


Until next time,


xx Tracy

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  • Jamie @BubblyBooks

    Great answers! I also get sick while reading in the car and *ugh* it is the literal worst! (so much lost reading time) Also would have to agree that both Maggie stiefvater and Laini Taylor are two of the MOST unique writers I have ever read and you just have to appreciate them for that. Lovely post 🙂

    • Tracy

      Thank you! and yes it annoys me so much! Laini Taylor is basically in my top 5 favourite authors with Maggie so I love them both. Their unique writing is amazing.

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