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Fangirl Friday #1

Hey Guys!

It feels like ages since I wrote a blog post, mainly because I’ve been so in love and absolutely binging the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. I’m currently on the third book and well on my way to finishing this series soon! Although I do like blogging every day, I haven’t been able to because when a book is seriously so good, I will do anything to just keep reading (other than the serious things like work, I gotta work y’know). I planned to write my review for the first book in the series but then I got caught up reading the sequel and the cycle has continued UNTIL I thought of this super cute post I could do every now and then, and couldn’t resist starting it tonight. This is called:



I’m a huge lover of gifs. GIFs are amazing, and great to communicate them feels. So for Fangirl Friday, I thought it could be a post where I can show you guys 3 GIFs that express how I’m feeling about my current read.

My current read is: Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #3)

Let’s see how I’m feeling right now about this book and this series in general. I’ll 100% have full reviews up for all books this weekend because they’re already a new favourite.

GIF #1:


This book and this series is so freaking CUTEE. The characters, the banter, the flirting and the love is just so cute.


GIF #2:



The family love in this series is gorgeous and I love their interactions and it’s just so realistically imperfect which makes it just so perfect!


GIF #3:


The freaking DRAMA. OMG. So far, both first two books were basically the worst moments until the tiny bit at the end that gives us relief. JUST GIVE ME THAT HAPPY ENDING ALREADY AHH.


And those are 3 GIFs and 3 current feelings I’m having from this trilogy book binge. What are you currently reading? How are you feeling about it? Let me know if you decide to also do a Fangirl Friday 🙂 Now I’m gonna go back to reading to finish this super cute series.

Until next time,


xx Tracy


All GIFs, like ever, are from GIPHY.

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