Bookish Screening – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before with The YA Room

Bookish Screening – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before with The YA Room

I had the pleasure of going to a super cute screening of the new Book-to-Movie Adaptation I’ve been waiting so impatiently for and that’s for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I was so excited, especially since I basically binge read the whole trilogy last week. It was such a great event, where I made new friends and caught up with other bookworms from Melbourne. Bree and I went together since I was staying over at hers and we had an afternoon shopping in the city then went straight to the docks after meeting up with another friend Cate. The docks were beautiful and had a stunning sunset as we waited to be allowed in. We were there early as usual (hey there anxiety) and we were also freezing cold. This led to a random bout of jogging from to warm me up.

When we were allowed in, the room was so nicely decorated with a cupcake decorating station (yum), popcorn, and more treats that people brought in to celebrate the release of the movie. Which btw, you had NO IDEA, how tempted I was to watch the night before because – silly me, thought this would be an advanced screening so I started freaking out when people were reacting to the movie on Instagram cause I wanted to watch it so bad. After eating and chatting for a bit, we got in the theatre room and omg this movie…

It was gorgeous. It was one of the best YA books to movie adaptations that I’ve seen and put many others to shame. I think it was adapted so well. The incorporated just the right parts and got rid of just the right parts that I felt was also unnecessary in the book too. The acting was adorable (PETER MY HEART), their character developments were amazing and I kid you not, the feels and cuteness were unreal. There were sad cry parts like the book and can’t-stop-my-face-from-smiling cute parts and I cannot recommend this movie enough. I have friends who have watched it 4 times now, and I feel like watching it that many more times too.

After the movie, it was discussion/gush time with everyone and we also had a photo done where you can spot me giving a piggyback to a new friend, cause us tall trees gotta help others out sometimes (/^▽^)/ then it was sadly home time. I was most definitely dead from exhaustion. It was such a fun event! I love the girls at The YA Room and they did such an amazing job as always in organising and planning it all down to the tiniest details. All my love to you guys! I’m super excited to go to future events by The YA Room and if you guys are there, give a wave to the tree in pink.

Here are some photos from the event, some taken by me and some sourced from The YA Room (thank chu):


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xx Tracy


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