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September TBR

It is finally time, to once again organise a TBR for the coming month. I am indubitably excited and I’ve actually tried to cut down on the ambition a little because it was getting a little over the top. Since I read 15 books in August, I thought it was fair to cap my TBR at 15 (not including my current read).

The first few books are books I, unfortunately, didn’t get to reading in August but I do want to read in September, if I’ve already talked about them in my August TBR, I won’t be describing much about them.

Here is my TBR for September:

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Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios

The Edge of Everything & The Brink of Darkness by Jeff Giles

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

Warcross  by Marie Lu

This will be my re-read for the sequel coming out soon which I’m super excited about! I loved this book when I read it last year, it was truly amazing and I can’t wait to get back into this world.

Wildcard (Warcross #2) by Marie Lu

Did I mention how excited I am for this book? Well, I am, I really am. I’ve preordered it and I’ll be checking my mail at any chance I can get once it’s released.

Nevernight & Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

Have I ever mentioned that I’m the worst book procrastinator? I will love a book so much that sometimes I’ll put off reading the sequel I want to read for as long as possible to avoid withdrawal symptoms and heartbreak. Nevernight is a great example, I have 3 copies of each book so far in this series and I haven’t even read the second yet. This month shall remedy my illness.

Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms & Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

Another example of my illness. I am total SJM trash, I love her books and her writing (even if it’s sometimes problematic) and yet I put off reading EoS and ToD for so long. With Kingdom of Ash coming out soon, It’s about time I reread QoS and read those last two books.

After the Lights Go Out by Lili Wilkinson

After meeting this author, how could I not read her gorgeous book? I’m super excited to read it, especially because the concept and idea of this book are so unique and different in YA.

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

I’ve had this book on my shelves for ages since it was published sometime last year. I’m a huge sci-fi fan so I really hope that I love it. I also saw a peek at the ARC for its sequel on Penguin’s Instagram story and it kind of inspired to finally pop it on my immediate TBR and give it a go.


And those are the books I hope to read in September. There are chances I’ll be a mood reader for a bit and I’ll change things around and swap a book but I actually don’t like being a mood reader at all. It’s so…unorganised haha. Fingers crossed I read these books and I love them all.

Are you reading any of these in September too?


Until next time,


xx Tracy

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  • Emma

    Ooooh you’ve got some great books on your TBR this month. The Raven Cycle is one of my favorite series and Blue Lily, Lily Blue is the book where I realised just how much I loved the series. I read Nevernight a couple of months ago and found it really interesting, I didn’t end up enjoying it as much as I expected (because there’s soooo much hype for it) but it was still a good read. Sarah J Maas’ books are such staples of the genre and as much as I think they’re problematic sometimes, the plot has me booked. She really knows how to write a plot twist! And personally I loved Tower of Dawn because it’s a little bit different in tone to the rest of the series. I read this Mortal Coil a while ago and the beginning / premise were AMAZING but I’ve read a couple too many similar sci-fi novels so it ended up not standing out from the crowd for me. I hope you enjoy them!

    • Tracy

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so excited to get into TRC, this mortal coil and the rest of the ToG series this month! I’m starting my reread of Nevernight soon and I hope I love like I did the first time.šŸ˜

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