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NEW BLOG MEME – WTF Wednesday | WTF Is A Real Reader?



So since I’ve started my blog, I’ve found these weekly blog posts called blog memes from checking out other blogs and such. They’re terribly fun and when I thought of a new idea for one, I decided I HAD to do it.

My new blog meme is….*drumroll even though you can see it in the title of this blog post*




yeaaaaa boi.

So, what is WTF Wednesday about? Well, it’s a blog meme I will be posting probably more fortnightly than weekly, but maybe monthly. You can do it whenever you want, when you want, as long as it’s a Wednesday, you feel me?

This blog meme is all about posting whatever bookish things you’d like that made you go ‘wtf?!’, whether it was a total freaking double take or just something so weird, sarcastic and funny it’s worth mentioning it for a laugh. From WTF book covers to scene steals to movie adaptations to jokes to serious stupid topics (like the one I’ll be doing below), it’s a WTF free for all.




OK, enough GIFs.

Let’s get onto my first WTF Topic.




I mean it’s obvious people don’t know how to be a real reader in this community. I mean, it’s not like it’s hard or anything.

(Full disclaimer: if you don’t notice the sarcasm dripping off my typography, get out.)



1. To be a Real Reader, you need to read EVERYDAY, ALL THE TIME, & READ A LOT of BOOKS.

Like – if you’re not hitting your reading challenge of 150 books a year, what are you even doing here? Can’t you tell that you’re reading obviously isn’t up to quality? Don’t even use excuses like BOOK SLUMPS, that’s just a sign of weakness.

As you if you can’t finish a book in a day…(≖ ‿ ≖)


2. To be a real reader, you need to read PHYSICAL BOOKS.

Excuse me, eBooks are NOT real books. Neither are comics, graphic novels, self-help books, magazines, textbooks or the goddamn newspaper. Get a REAL book. REAL books are just better.


3. To be a Real Reader, you need to also buy NEW BOOKS.

I cannot believe that people out there actually buy books *whisper* second hand or worse, borrow them from the LIBRARY!


4. To be a Real Reader, you must prefer HARDBACKS.

We all know hardbacks are the best format. Paperback lovers just can’t afford that kind of quality. Unless you seriously can’t get a hardback, why even consider it?


5. To be a Real Reader, your books have to be PRISTINE.

That means no tabbing, underlining, dog ears and god help us, don’t you dare break any spines (that’s if you even own paperbacks, god, we just talked about this.)


Annnnd that’s enough! If you didn’t notice by my lingual impression of a stereotypical tween valley girl from a talk show, this WTF topic is basically making fun of the expectations one must have to be a ‘real reader’.

It’s actually kind of serious and pretty sad to think that we have such elitists in our book community (no matter how small or big of an amount) that actually abide by these unspoken rules of conduct and think that way.

It was truly a WTF moment for me when I found this out slowly through Instagram over the past year.

I find these ‘rules’ so ridiculous and I was inspired by @ambsreads when she did a similar post focusing on people who have unfortunately put down the idea that you’re not a reader if you only read eBooks.

Real books are not ‘better’, real books are whatever you want them to be. Hell, I’m reading a comic right now and as far as I’m concerned it’s a real book to me. My point is, you are all real readers, whatever that’s defined to be.

Thank you and Goodnight.

– But seriously, this was so fun to write! If you guys participate in this blog meme (love you), please tag me so that I can read them all because there are so many WTF moments related to books we should be sharing with each other.


Until next time,


xx Tracy


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  • Tamika @paperback & flick chick

    OMG Love the idea of this meme and love this post! I also find it Ridiculous that people believe many of the things you have listed. Is it fine to do these things if that’s what you enjoy? sure! but if you don’t it doesn’t make you any less of a reader! Like as long as you are enjoying what you are reading in your own way than you do you! šŸ™‚

    • Tracy

      Thank you! And yes, exactly! That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking and I thought this meme would be a perfect fun way to address it. Looking forward to you maybe doing this meme too one day šŸ˜€

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