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Spring Blogging Goals & Reflections

Hey There! I’m ALIVE. It has been a long and excruciating week since I’ve blogged and it actually pains me because I wanted to write so bad but I physically couldn’t since I was moving house! I had so many posts planned and so many books I wanted to finish but I had hardly any time to read either T_T

I am hoping to get through some books before the end of September this weekend so wish me luck – ANYWAY, since I was reflecting and thinking about it I realised that it’s been TWO MONTHS exactly since I started my blog. It is my 2 month anniversary I guess and I thought it would be good to set down some concrete “Blogging Goals” to try this Spring (It is SPRING in AUSTRALIA OK) and keep me on track with what I’d like out of my blog.

Let’s list things out.


1. Actually Drafting, not Just Drafting the Blog Post Title

I’ve basically been doing this since I started because I haven’t had the time to truly ‘get ahead’ and be writing posts and actually scheduling them as much as I’d like. I have all these ideas so I draft the TITLE in my calendar but actually don’t start writing them until later and I really should be to manage my time better. In saying that my next goal is to:


2. Schedule Posts Ahead

Like I said above, I need to manage my time better. My university semester is thankfully over in just over 2 weeks (help) and then I’ll have all this time to read and blog and I want to create an awesome bank of posts this season. Posts ranging from discussions to reviews to author interviews (wink wink), if you had any posts you’d like to see on my blog feel free to let me know as well!


3. Work on ‘Secret Project’

I can’t tell you what it is yet but it’s exciting and it’s giving me more drive and excitement to finish my uni semester so I can focus more on it. I can’t wait to unveil my little secret project!


4. Get Creative

I have all these cool creative ideas especially for bookish things and DIYs. I really want to try them out once I have time. I used to be a huge fan of scrapbooking and sewing and DIY in general. I’m feeling so inspired lately to get back into that creative mindset and have fun!

And those are my Spring Blogging Goals. I feel like all those things are quite achievable and I know I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Do you create blogging goals for yourself? What’s a goal you’d like to achieve?


Until next time,

xx Tracy

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