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Meet the Blogger: Q&A

So about a week ago I asked the lovely people on Instagram and Twitter to ask me some questions for a Q&A. It’s another way you guys can learn a little bit more about me and likewise for you, the amazing readers. I was almost crying this morning when I found out I had reached 50 followers on this blog. Thank you all so much <3 It means a lot to me.

So, here are the questions:

1. What Motivates You and Why?

I honestly don’t know how to answer this question haha UM…I guess I do strive for success in general – I have this innate drive to always try my best to be the best in whatever I want. It’s kind of meant that no matter what I’ve done in the past and currently, I do pretty well because once something inspires me I just want to do it and I will. I guess this can be explained by my ambition – one of my most obvious Slytherin traits. In terms of reading, I guess what motivates me is the awesome fact that every book is like a new world and I want to get a taste of them all, which includes tackling my massive tbr haha.


2. If You Could Remove One Popular YA Book from History, Which Would it be?

Oh god. There is no way I won’t offend someone but okay, I’ll give it a try. I will have to say…Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I personally just did not enjoy it at all and I’d rather not hear much about it.

I’m sorry.


3. Best Fictional Romance Book or Saga You Have Ever Read? ps: I <3 u.

I love you too <3 This was so sweet and oooh I want to read more romance because I haven’t read a whole lot of it but so far I’ll say The Hating Game was an awesome read as well as any book by Morgan Matson haha.


4. Do You Prefer a Plot Driven Story or One Driven by Characters?

I feel like I’m a much more plot-driven story kind of person. I love a good plot twist that I haven’t been able to predict. If it really surprised me, it honestly automatically at least gets 3 stars. I also get really annoyed when a book tends to be going nowhere or not having a specific plot or purpose. In that said, I also love a good character arc and complex character development. They add so much depth and you end up loving or hating characters even more, even maybe both! – when done well that is.


5. What’s Your Dream Job?

AH…It has changed a lot over the years because I’m just so flexible with what I wouldn’t mind doing. I’m currently in Marketing even though I’m studying Design and I’m really happy. I’d like to try many different jobs, my newest dream is to maybe work as some kind of Editor. Maybe for a publisher or a magazine but it probably won’t be something I’m pursuing for a long time because I see myself happily being where I am in like 5-6 years time still, but you never know!


6. What are your 3 Unpopular Opinions?

Here we go. 1. Nesta from the ACOTAR series can go DIE IN A HOLE. I am not buying or reading any future books if she’s the protagonist. Nuh uh. 2.  I despise famous people who get books written for them by Ghostwriters. Those writers deserve way more recognition. 3. Love Triangles SUCK.


7. Who Do You Look Up to the Most in Life?

My cat. That is all. lol no I don’t really look up to anyone, probably my mum. My mum, like most mums, is amazing and kicks ass every day, trying her hardest and working hard.


8. What Superpower Would You Like to Have?

Teleportation & Telekinesis. I am that lazy. Or just magic with a wand and spellbook.


9. What are Your Thoughts on FanFiction?

My oldest guilty pleasure in reading. I don’t read it very often anymore but I have my favourite authors who still write and they’re amazing.


10. Describe Your Dream House.

A comfy cottage in the snowy mountains somewhere with a fireplace, supplies, ice cream, internet, books and animals everywhere.


11. If given the choice, Where Do You Want to Take Up Permanent Residence?

That’s a hard one. I want to travel to so many places so I can’t choose. If I had to, right now, I’d probably choose Sweden.


12. Top 5 Favourite Characters?

Omg, why are you guys torturing me…well first off, 1. Aelin Galathynius since she’s basically me, 2. Hermione Granger, 3. Emika Chen, 4. Lazlo Strange, 5. Ronan Lynch.


13. Who Inspires You?

The many amazing bloggers and Instagram friends I have made. You inspire me all <3


14. Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

Still reading, hopefully still blogging, probably not posting much on Instagram but still being active on my story like I kind of am right now. Working and living in my own apartment, not at my parents. Hopefully married, I hope I find Person Right sometime soon cause the wedding has to be perfect. Living with 3 cats and a dog, with a library that has thousands of cozy cushions and mattresses everywhere. That’s the dream when I’ll be 30.

And that’s the end of the questions I received! These are fun and I hope you guys learnt a little something about me if you didn’t know it already. I feel like I ramble way too much majority of the time. Let me know if you have any other questions down in the comments <3


Until next time,

xx Tracy

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  • Carly ❊ Reading is my Kind of Thing

    Omg Eleanor and Park… I’d have to say I’d pick that book as well 🙈 Good luck with your career goals! I’m currently in marketing as well, B2B specifically and really enjoying it. I heard some good advice the other week… as long as you’re in amongst the industry you think want to be in (or similar too..) you’ll find your way to what you want to do! Something along the lines of that anyway…😁

    • Tracy

      Yes it was quite problematic for me 😔 thank you! Yeah I’ve also heard along those lines, great to meet someone else in marketing! Thanks for the lovely comment ❤️❤️

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