HP meme - WTF Wednesday | The Harry Potter Edition
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WTF Wednesday | The Harry Potter Edition

It’s TIME FOR WTF WEDNESDAYYYYY. I love Harry Potter so I had to do a WTF post purely just for HP, because over the series and its movie adaptations there have been some serious WTF moments.

1 sec: let’s just appreciate the memes in the photo above. We gotta respect.

BEWARE! SPOILERS DUH. Here are 8 WTF Harry Potter moments:


1. When Dumbledore lost his shit in the GoF movie.

I think we all know this one, and every HP fan has cringed or in my case, laughed their arses off at this scene.

JK WROTE CALMLY OKAY. Good on you director Mike Newell. JUST GOOD ON YA.

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2. When the movies decided to kill off Peeves.

I was pretty bitter about this one tbh, he was such a funny character and really brought a lot of humour to the books. Not only humour but that extra bit of tension cause you really don’t want to be dobbed in by this guy. A serious WTF moment for why they didn’t keep him in the movies.


3. When Harry almost kills someone because of his sheer STUPIDITY.

Oh, this book has been so useful to me so far, LET’S TRY OUT THIS SPELL I’VE NEVER HEARD OF *boom* oh shit, I swear I didn’t mean to almost hill Draco Malfoy and not even get punished for it.

THIS SCENE GUYS, THIS SCENE. my poor baby draco T_T Let’s all agree that that scene was crazy and Harry was honestly just such a little shit. WTF.


4. Percy Weasley…just Percy Weasley.

It’s become a tradition now in my household that when we watch Philosopher’s Stone that we must impersonate good ol Percy. It usually goes like this:

Excuse me, I’m a prefect. Keep up.


calm. yo. farm.


5-7. Those poor book translators.

If you don’t know how hard it was to translate harry potter into like a hundred languages, you can check out this video HERE about it from Vox, which is pretty informative and entertaining. My WTF point is, how funny the French version turned out to be in many ways for me (since I speak and read it yo), as well as another example from the Spanish version (thank you Tumblr lol).

Example No. 1 – The Baguette chooses the Wizard, Harry.

This wasn’t really a hard thing to translate but just the fact that wand = baguette de magique in French makes me laugh so hard. GET OUT YOUR BAGUETTE HARRY. *insert stream of tumblr memes here xD*


Example No. 2 – Voldermort was secretly the king of Rock n Roll

So we should all know that cool arse scene in Chamber of Secrets where Voldy rearranges his name to say “I Am Voldemort”. Well, in French that sentence is “Je Suis Voldemort”, so to make that anagram work, Voldy’s middle name was goddamn ELVIS.



3Q01l2V - WTF Wednesday | The Harry Potter Edition

Look at him, ready to rock n roll.


Example No. 3 – Something Spooky Walks About

When translating Lord Voldemort in Spanish, the translator had some issues with how to make up a new word for his name (since a lot of Harry Potter are literally words JK made up.) So, now if you pick up a copy of HP in Spanish, the name Lord Voldemort can literally be translated to MR SPOOKY.

Bonus: What the anagram could’ve been 

Saw this on tumblr and snorted so loud.

I AM VOLDERMORT = Mr. Tom. A Dildo Lover.

’nuff said.


8. Prefects’ Awkward Bath Time

Has anyone wondered how creepy it was that the special prefect’s bathroom had like one massive bath and open showers?? Was it even a male prefect bathroom or a unisex bathroom where Harry had his fun with that egg and Moaning 37-year-old pervert Myrtle? It’s SO weird. I’d rather go to the normal bathrooms and get my privacy, thank you very much.


And that’s it for today! What did you think of these WTF moments? Have you got any of your own you’d like to share?

Thanks for reading and until next time,

xx Tracy

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  • Kat @ Novels & Waffles

    Okay, this post made me laugh A LOT. Especially that picture of Elvis/Voldemort. I’ve read a bit of the Japanese translation of The Sorcerer’s Stone, and as somebody who has some experience in translation: YIKES. I can’t even imagine how difficult it would have been to translate that sucker. Anyways, this was such a fun and silly post! I really enjoyed reading it šŸ™‚

    • Tracy

      Thank you so much!! That’s so sweet of you and yes that photo cracked me up so much too. Translators must’ve looked at this book and thought it was a nightmare!

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