A Special Announcement | BLOG EVENT

A Special Announcement | BLOG EVENT

A Special Announcement


If you people didn’t already know, I’m kind of a communication design student – if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a fancy way of saying Graphic Design. The design of this blog specifically was originally a massive project for a unit I was studying for my degree, which I then implemented on WordPress for my own evil means 😀 (sidenote: I’ve actually been meaning to redesign my header banner cause I’m getting a little sick of it but let me know what you think)

ANYWAY. My good friend Kat from Novels & Waffles  (who’s super amazing at doing the cutest graphics with stuff from Freepik- I MEAN LOOK AT THE BANNER OF THIS POST! – and has a super cute blog you should totally be reading), and I have decided to team up and create a SPECIAL BLOG EVENT for an upcoming SECRET REVEAL that I’m super excited about.

Starting from Monday 18th of February to Sunday 24th of February, you guys are getting a full 7 DAYS of awesome blog posts on all things Blog Design! From design theory to blog design related tips to giveaways and more! We have decided to call this mighty event:



cause who said you couldn’t have a blog…that’s super duper beautiful…and put it into one word…yeah okay it’s a pun, get over it but it’s cute and we are KEEN! I’m even creating a new category so that you can find all the blog posts from that week in my navigation bar under Features > Blogiful for future reference.

We are so excited to be bringing you some different type of content that isn’t bookish for once! What do you think of our idea and will you be reading and engaging with us during our Blogiful week?


Stay tuned for our first blog post on Monday!

xx Tracy


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