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Blog Design Trends & Web Design Principles You Need To Know


WELCOME TO BLOGIFUL! Kat and I are so happy to have finally been able to do this for so long after spending hours discussing and planning this. We are so excited to share with you some great info to get your blog looking fab for the new year.

Today, my topic is Blog Design Trends & some Web Design Principles you should know when getting ideas and starting to design your blog.


Blog Design Trends: Ideas to Inspire You


You might’ve already been looking at some book blogs with cool designs or maybe you haven’t even thought about it but really want a nice looking blog or a blog re-design. Either way, here are 4 blog designs elements that are not only fun but have been trending on other blogs in other communities.


BIG BOLD TYPE – We’ll get into logos and typography a bit more during this week but a trending design point that has been on the rise in the last decade online is experimenting and having fun with your typography. Don’t be scared to use ones that are like outlines, that are bright and bold because they tend to work pretty well in conjunction with a good designed blog.

The Cool JUMBOTRON – If you don’t know what a jumbotron is, it’s basically a cool carousel feature that many sites and blogs have that feature 3-4 posts in a huge banner that’s generally under the website logo or menu. Not only is it helpful to make some featured posts standout to readers but it also adds a bit of pizazz to your blog – mixing up the layout just enough for fun.

The Minimalist Life – A general aesthetic that’s been getting more and more popular is the extremely minimalistic blog design. Full of soothing whites and pale colours, a big hero image that makes up the boldest part of the blog with everything else being extremely simple to its core; minimalist blogs are all the rage. This trend is especially great to follow if you’re looking at the WordPress.com themes such as Penscratch 2 that are incredibly popular in the bookish blogging community. Minimalist blogs look so nice and uniform, but also not the best trend to follow if you want a more unique and customised blog to suit your personality. You can find out more about the pros and cons of this during the week as well so stay tuned!

Mobile First/Responsive Design – This isn’t just a trend but this has become the industry standard in websites and is super important to have in your blog too. We all know, that despite how many of us have laptops and computers at home, 8/10 we’ll be reading someone’s blog on our PHONES. So making sure that your blog looks great on your phone is a must. Having a blog that’s mobile first or responsive means that the blog can adapt so that you can read it easily and it looks just as cute whether you’re on a phone or a laptop.



Web Design Principles: What Are They?


As a design student and someone who works in the industry of Web Design, web design principles are the backbone of designing a good website and blog that’s functional and creates the best user experience for someone reading your site.

Bear in mind that if you’re using a WordPress Template, it’s a lot harder to make major changes to your blog design. BUT, this week I’ll be going in depth into how you can create your own unique blog maybe even with a template, on a budget so these principles will definitely come in handy. Otherwise, indulge in some awesome design theory that could inspire you to make your blog even better!

There are 4 main principles that are the basics of creating an awesome blog that you can use.

Consistency: Maintain a consistent design within the site; so making sure that the layout, typography and buttons don’t change too much. This is an easy principle but it can be hard to maintain if you go for a more complex blog design.

Simplicity: For a blog design to be successful in its goals, it needs to have clear communication, ease of use, & predictability. This can be created with simple tasks (i.e. finding a specific book review), familiar icons and buttons, and keeping tasks relevant to the topic of the blog. In other words, it’s gotta be familiar to what other blog readers would be used to. For example: no matter how awesome it might be to have a super cool circular menu in the corner, it’s not exactly the norm and readers might not be sure how to interact with it. If you’re looking to have a blog based on books, it wouldn’t make sense to have gaming and beauty related icons everywhere either.

Positioning: It’s always 100% easier and is super important to make information easily accessible to a reader. Your blog should naturally be logical or ordered sequentially in its design. To make sure your blog is looking good and is easy to navigate, we should be aiming to avoid any extra ‘looking’ someone has to do to find anything. It starts as simple as making sure your blog menu is well designed – there shall be more on blog menu design and navigation this week so never fear!

Alignment: Who remembers those sites from the early 2000s, that’s basically a webpage stuck to the left side of your desktop or laptop screen? Ew, gross, so hard to use, right? Aligning simple elements on your blog with each other; vertical, horizontal alignment, can make a massive difference to how your blog looks. It creates a sense of unity and cohesion which contributes to the design’s overall aesthetic and perceived stability. No one’s gonna think your blog is dodgilly designed and coded if it looks in tip top shape.




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Lastly, what did you think of this post? Give us your feedback and any questions you might have for our Q&A coming up, below in the comments!


Until tomorrow,

xx Tracy

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