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BLOGIFUL DAY 2: Logos, Branding & More!

Designing Your Logo, Style & Brand | How To’s & My Own Journey


Apologies for this blogiful post being a day late! I was unfortunately unwell and this post was half finished *cries* TT but here it is now! 😀 Enjoy!

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Branding is a pretty important aspect of all design when it comes to businesses, entrepreneurs and yes – even you, a blogger. Having a brand can be difficult to understand but its basically creating your identity on the internet and making sure you are an individual and can be uniquely identifiable. If you’re a regular reader of a blog, you can probably recognise their blogging style based on what visuals they have.

While bloggers may not necessarily always have logos, a big part of blog design is having a header, and unless you’d like the minimalistic typographic name from typical WordPress themes (which is absolutely fine), you can create some pretty creative logos and headers to help create your blogger identity.

However, it’s not just a logo or header that will end up defining your brand but also your style in general. It would not make any sense if your blog was super minimalistic yet your header was very complex and too many elements.

A brand has to be cohesive and consistent.

The first step of creating a good brand is seeing what works best together for it to be cohesive. Having a successful design can be simple is just having a good combination of elements.

The main elements that are important for creating cohesion in a blog include: typography (what font(s) will you use?), imagery style used throughout the blog (photography, graphics, a mix of both?), colour palette (what colours will you use in your blog design? A mix of blues and purples, yellow and orange, the possibilities for this one are endless) and of course, any logotype if you end up creating one.

The second step is making sure that every element you choose is consistent. That means if you choose 2 fonts, you stick to it throughout your entire blog, same with colours and imagery style and your logo. If you have a logo in your header, use a similar variation for your blog button or your blog signature. Consistency is key for a lot in design to be successful. It can be confusing if branding isn’t done well and you can’t always correctly recognise a brand because it’s got a dozen different identities from inconsistent logos.

In terms of my own journey, when designing this blog I wanted to use my favourite colours and went for a more pastel, cotton candy vibe that’s feminine and soft. I wanted my blog to be cute and light, not serious at all because that wasn’t my blog’s purpose or intent. Figuring out how you want your blog to be perceived can be another important step in defining your brand and identity. It’s not super essential; I could easily change my blog design to look super serious and professional yet create the most ridiculous and unserious content there is (ironic juxtaposition ayeee). At the end of the day, it’s up to you what you want your blog to look like and whether it has a strong brand. You can always change it whenever you want too.

I don’t currently have a blog signature because I prefer not to have one, same for a blog button and for using graphics. Check out our DAY 3 post for this BLOGIFUL event for some photography tips if you also prefer not to use graphics on your blog design. The only graphics I have done is my header and that stays consistent throughout the whole blog. I’m pretty happy with my current design but also curious about how I can change it in the future. So what do you think of my blog design? How will you change or create your blogging brand?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next post,


xx Tracy


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  • Wing

    Love this post!!!! You have inspired me to really get back into blogging and make my blog look fancy haha! Really good tips I could use so thanks heaps! xx

  • Bookish Rita

    I love this post! This series is so informative, especially to people who have just landed in the blogosphere. I loved how you highlighted the importance of a logo in building a brand. I’m awful when it comes to designing creative, beautiful things, so if I keep as enthusiastic about blogging as I already am, I’ll treat myself to a blog makeover ā€” even if I don’t win the giveaway! I adore the work you do and all these post, thank you so much for sharing šŸ’•

    • Tracy

      Eek so happy to have inspired you!! Thank you so much for the love šŸ˜ this feedback is glorious and I can’t wait to reveal our secret at the end of the week that might get you what you need if you don’t win the giveaway šŸ˜‰

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