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Our Epic Conclusion // GIVEAWAY WINNERS, Q&A & Secret REVEAL


I cannot believe how fast this week has gone. Although it says Day 7, I know it’s technically Day 8 but I have been unwell and we had to be fair – Kat & I really wanted to announce the giveaway winners on the last day and the giveaway was available until midnight which is after our usual posting time.

It has been such an amazing journey for us to be bringing you this blogiful content. I am so happy I did this, and I hope I’ve inspired at least one person into getting funky and creative with their book blogs. If anyone ever needs a hand with design, you know where to find me and if you guys have any more questions, you can slide into my DMs anytime 😉

Let’s get onto today’s agenda:

Giveaway Winners!

So today, I’ll be announcing the GIVEAWAY WINNERS! As advertised, Kat and I will be giving away a BLOG DESIGN MAKEOVER and we had a massive number of entries into the rafflecopter, it actually baffled me so much!

This blog design makeover includes a blog header, blog button, customized social media buttons, a post signature, and two different post dividers!




Congratulations to:

Kelly from Struggling Bookaholic

who’ll be getting a complete blog makeover from ME! &

Christine from Lady Gets Lit

who’ll be getting a complete blog makeover from Kat!


We can’t wait to work with you guys to help you achieve your dream blog design, we will send you a friendly email in the next week or so to organise and meet and get your blog design dreams underway!



As most of you will probably know or at least have guessed from reading Kat’s last Blogiful post –



However, unlike the beautiful and talented Kat, I haven’t got my shit together I’m still in the midst of organising things and getting everything ready because, in addition to opening the shop, I’m giving my own blog a little makeover too! 

Nothing super drastic I hope at this stage but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do and something I’ve been working on. If you’ve been following my blog, you might remember that I’ve been having a pretty rough time with personal circumstances and it’s taken a great toll on my mental health (anxiety & depression represent!) so it’s especially hard to get back into hobbies and being creative in general. I’m so thankful I could do this series with Kat, who has inspired me and motivated me so much to be creative and doing things again – like patching up this baby blog of mine.

SO, after that long explanation – My rebranded/refined blog design & my blog design shop (name to be announced) will be LIVE on:



I am *technically* now already open for commissions (eeeek hyperventilating much) so if you’d like to inquire about getting a blog design done, feel free to do so in the form at the end of this post. My pricing is not set in stone just yet but like Kat I will be having an awesome 10% OFF period, and I’m considering a discount for students because guys, I know the struggle. Please be aware that spots will be very limited.

My experience: although I don’t have any previous work doing book blogs designs (except my own), I am studying Communication Design through a Bachelor of Design at University where I’m basically done (since I’m doing a double degree, just gotta do the other one now hehe) and I work at a web design & marketing agency. Being a full time student and a part-time agency employee means I have less time, so spots for design commissions will be limited (in other words, get in while you can if you’re thinking about it).

I AM SO EXCITED. I haven’t been this motivated or inspired in months, and it’s refreshing and it’s such a nice new adventure for me for this year so I hope you’ll join in with me.

LET US KNOW – what did you think of this blog event/series? Did Blogiful inspire or help you in any way? We would love to know whether a Blogiful 2.0 is possible and wanted in the future so your feedback is phenomenal.

Until next time my friends – enjoy my answers to your questions below and I look forward to reading your comments soon!

xx Tracy


Quick BLOGIFUL Design Q&A:


What are some general branding tips you have for beginners?

Consistency is key. What makes branding so important is how it has to flow everywhere and almost be its own person. Let your brand reflect you and your personality, be as unique and awesome as you want it to be.

Can you tell us your favourite programs or websites for creating graphics?

I personally use the Adobe Creative Suite, it’s the standard for vector design and graphics and in the communication design industry. Yes, it’s pricey I know but there are lots of free programs out there you can use as well.

Do you think there is a certain aesthetic when it comes to how a book blog should look? If so, what is it?

I feel like that are many many different aesthetics and book blog designs out there. Just as there are many genres, there are many ways you can go about expressing yourself through your blog design. Don’t be afraid to try new things out!

What are your thoughts on blog header designs? Big is better? Minimal? Etc etc. Broad spectrum question, I know!

If it’s my personal thoughts – I prefer more simplistic header designs, minimal to an extent. You can be minimalistic and simplistic without having to not use many colours or graphics, it’s all about balance.

Would love to know what programs you use to make graphics!

Again, the Adobe Creative Suite – if you want specifics, I use mostly Illustrator to draw my own vector graphics from scratch. I know Kat uses a lot of Photoshop but honestly, that’s the program I do the worst on haha, when doing publications like things with a lot of text, InDesign is my home.


Want to Commission A Blog Design?

Jump ahead of the line before the shop officially opens on Sunday and put in your expression of interest in the simplified form below. You’ll receive an email from me saying hello, all the information, T&Cs, as well as the finalised price list before it goes live on the Grand Opening on my blog.

This will include the 10% OFF FOR ALL GRAND OPENING SPECIAL – combos & full package list to be announced at the grand opening on Sunday 3rd March 11 PM AEST.


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