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BOOK TAG: My Good Reading Habits

What better way to get back into blogging than by doing a Book Tag. The lovely Meeghan tagged me a while ago to do the My Good Reading Habits tag and I personally love this idea. Let’s go!



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  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well.

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So, What Are My Good Reading Habits?


1. I Don’t Put Pressure on Myself to Read ARCs ASAP.

If only I could read ARCs before their release dates and have my review up in a timely manner all the time – it’s a dream. I’ll be honest though, I try not to stress about ARCs too much. If I get one, I’m very thankful and I’ll try my best to get to it when I can but what’s the point in stressing out about reading it asap? The more I stress, the less I tend to want to read a book. I think we should read ARCs we are interested in, especially when we feel like reading them; onto my next good habit:


2. I Try to Read What I Feel Like When I Feel Like It.

I used to be religiously accustomed to creating a TBR and strictly sticking to it but for the last 6 months or so, I’ve embraced being more of a mood reader and reading a book when I feel like it. Forcing myself to read has a time and place but recently it’s been better for me to just chill and read when I know I’ll really enjoy it. What’s the point of forcing myself? This is a hobby I do to have fun, it’s not a job, it’s important to go with the flow 🙂


3. I Don’t Buy a Lot of New Books.

While this may be technically not a habit I have picked up purposely but more out of necessity; when you can’t afford to buy new books a lot, why would you? I hardly ever buy new books now and I don’t even feel guilty about it because:

1. I have plenty of unread books at home (from when I went crazy on book buying when I had the means),

2. Libraries are sacred places that also happen to harbour new releases for if I ever really want to read one but cannot buy one.

There’s always a solution for the poor student bookworm in the corner! I think this is a good habit because it not only saves me money but it still helps out authors by showing interest in their books at libraries. When libraries see a book is highly requested or just popular, they order more.


4. I Protect My Books like They’re My Children.

If I let you borrow one of my books, you’re special. Truly special. Books are precious and full of dangerous information.

‘Nuff said.


5. I Try to Read More Widely.

While it was an old habit to go straight to the YA section in a bookstore or library, from review copies of Adult books I’ve read and actually really enjoyed, I’ve become more open to what I read. YA Fantasy isn’t the only genre I’ll want or try to read and I think it’s a great habit to read more widely. You’ll never know what you’ll really enjoy until you try it and I like to live by that philosophy in books too.


6. The Art of Tabbing

A few months ago, I got into the great habit of tabbing books. I bought the cute little $1 tabs from Kmart and gave it a go. What do I tab? Anything and everything I want. Whether it’s cool quotes, funny moments, philosophical concepts or just plain important information for the book’s plot and development. This has made writing reviews so much easier for me AND I can easily find my favourite parts in books way faster than ever before!


So friends, what do you think of my good reading habits? What are some of yours?


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As always, feel free to tag yourself if you also want to do this tag.


Until next time,


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  • Kat @ Novels & Waffles

    I completely agree with you about the ARC thing! Since I live internationally, it can be difficult to get my hands on ARCs, but the few times that I have, I’ve disliked the pressure I feel to read and review them. I like being able to do things at my own pace, like you said. It’s so much less stress that way šŸ™‚ Also, thank you so much for the tag! šŸ’›

    • Tracy

      Yes exactly! You’re so welcome and I can’t wait to read your good habits – also did you actually get a pingback? I’ve always had issues with them since I don’t get them at all even though my blog has them enabled.

    • Tracy

      Honestly, the biggest set back for was the convenience. Once I had bought the tabs and I also found the trick of sticking tabs to the wooden bookmark I was using, they’re right there for me to use when I want to while reading! I tend to not use tabs when I don’t have them close by and this sticking trick has me tabbing all the time which is great.

  • acosyreader

    I’m only recently getting in to tabbing to be honest, but liking it! Totally agree about mood reading & not pressuring myself to read ARCs quickly (especially if they are unsolicited ones!)

    • Tracy

      Yay! I’m glad you’re liking it and omg yes for unsolicited books – for some reason one publisher has been sending me all these Australian outback fiction novels and it’s so strange and personally not super interested in reading them anytime soon haha

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