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K-Dramas | My Favs & What I’m Currently Watching

K-Dramas | My Favs & What I’m Currently Watching

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Hello there! I was feeling a little inspired and I’ve been loving K-Dramas lately so here is a random and rare lifestyle post about them 🙂

I’m sure you’ve heard of K-Dramas before and if you haven’t then you are in for a hell of a ride. Before I say anything else though, it’s important to note that K-Dramas are like normal tv shows; not every one of them is for everyone. The main difference is that one, they’re in Korean and two, they tend to be romance focussed with a tad of supernatural always brought in somehow to add some spice to the plot.

I started watching them about the same time as I got into k-pop but bare in mind that it means I still haven’t watched many, if anything, I’ve started watching a bunch then deserted them like many other US TV shows just because I often get bored and can’t focus enough to watch consistent episodes even if the show is amazing (I’m strange and have issues, I know). So my list of favourites is super short because these are the only ones I’ve actually finished (and wish there was more).


Favourite #1 – Hello, My Twenties! a.k.a. Age of Youth

This show was just everything, I completely loved it and I want another season. It’s about these 5 girls who share a house and their experiences as they grow and go through life while studying at university. Each girl has a resonating personality, they all have extreme adventures, and learn incredibly important life lessons. I loved them all by the end of it and I can’t recommend this show enough.


Favourite #2 – Oh! My Venus

This show was just such pure fun, it was all about that comedy with the romance and I had so many laughs throughout the series. It’s about a woman named Kang Joo-Eun who used to be a local beauty but a few years later after putting on some weight, she gets dumped by her boyfriend and after a few events, she finds herself being trained by a celebrity personal trainer with a mysterious who also happens to be handsome. Doesn’t it just sound like the perfect romance read too?


Favourite #3 – My ID is Gangnam Beauty

This is the only K-Drama I’ve finished so far this year and I thought this was such a great show. It wasn’t just cute and romantic but it actually made you think about many social and cultural views about the standards of beauty in the world (not just Korea) and how the way you look as well as your mindset can affect your life. The main protagonist is a girl starting university that has just gotten plastic surgery because she felt she had been ugly all her life, bullied for it and wanted a fresh start where she can be accepted and essentially have a normal life. Drama ensues with another girl at the university, especially when the most handsome freshman student went to her middle school and knows what she used to look like (enter beautiful actor Cha Eun-woo who’s also an idol from boy group ASTRO).


Not a Favourite but Commendable – My First First Love

I wasn’t a huge fan of this one but I did find pretty entertaining and actually finished the first season. This show is about Yun Tae-O and how some of his friends end up living in his house since they have nowhere to go. What I liked what that having a roommate environment reminded me of Age of Youth but I also didn’t like the whole love triangle thing that’s just so complicated. Something that bothers me a lot in K-Dramas is their complete inability to communicate certain easy things to make the plot thicken and this show does that a lot; just open your mouth and explain goddamn it!


What I’m Currently Watching

I recently started watching Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung and I think this may be a new favourite. It also stars Cha Eun-woo and is a period piece where all the characters are taken back to the Joseon Korean era. It’s about a noble lady Goo Hae-Ryung who doesn’t want to just be married off to someone and is very intellectual with a huge love for complex novels and books. She ends up becoming an apprentice Historian, something never done in Joseon history before; as a way for certain government officials to have spies and for them to find out the mysterious author of a book that provoked the king to ban and burn a large number of books around the same time (my book death sadness was unreal). So far, this series is riveting and I’m itching to go watch the next episode right now!


What do you think of K-Dramas? Have you watched any of these ones before?


Until next time,

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