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My December TBR

I cannot believe that it’s already December! I’m writing this the day after I have finally reached my Goodreads reading challenge – which is an amazing feat considering the crazy year I’ve had.

I was trying so hard to finish Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston before the clock ticked over to from November to December but alas, I finished it yesterday on the 3rd of December. I’m honestly just glad that I finished it, I’ll be honest in that I wasn’t really enjoying it and only forced myself to keep going because a friend of mine said I’d warm up to it. Despite all that, it is done and I will be reviewing it soon on the blog. To finalise my November wrap-up, I therefore only read 2 books! I think that’s my lowest monthly wrap-up so far for 2019 but my god was November a busy month. This somehow motivates me even more for December cause I know I’ll be able to read more; especially when reading books I’m truly excited about and actually want to read.

So onto my December TBR. This wasn’t a hard one because it’s basically 4 books that I highly anticipated since last year and I just am so excited to finally read them.

December TBR

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

I’m super excited to get into one ASAP (literally me tonight). Not only because the book community has been loving this one and hyping it up but also just because I love every tidbit of the premise I’ve managed to catch from watching BookTube videos and reading reviews. I do try not to know too much about a book before getting into it but I couldn’t resist the idea of a witch and witch hunter being put together and my god, I’m a sucker for the hate-to-love trope.

The Toll by Neal Shusterman

I think this is my most anticipated sequel of the year to read so far because I am a huge fan of Scythe and became obsessed after reading the first sequel Thunderhead that I forked out the Barnes & Noble edition, purely to read the author’s notes at the back (see this beauty in the header image above). If I had the money now, I’d 100% buy those same B&N editions with author notes for the Scythe and The Toll. Thunderhead’s ending was goddamn crazy and I’m just pumped to get back into this world and see what Neal Shusterman has for us. I bet it’s gonna be wild!

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

This book was so obviously hyped in the book community and I’m equally excited to sink my teeth into this one. I, again, don’t know much about it other than it’s witchy and it’s Leigh’s first adult novel so I’m very excited to see how her writing style might have altered from YA.

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

I’ve been seeing this book everywhere whenever I’m on social media (which isn’t very often these days, to the point that I feel old and out of touch wtf). There are stunning editions of this going around as well that make me want to cry a little bit because I’m legit just hoping that I’ll get this book soon from the library cause I reserved it months ago. I think I’m the next person to get it from the library reservations so fingers crossed that I can get my hands on it – otherwise, I might buy it myself as a Christmas present to me :P.

Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake

This is the final instalment in the Three Dark Crowns series. A series that is strange to me because I didn’t hate but I didn’t love it but I still massively enjoyed myself and felt gripped into the story for the whole series. I’m definitely excited for this one and also a bit sad (same with The Toll) that this is the end. The concept of this series is just so cool and I hope Kendare writes more about characters in this world in the future.

If I manage to finish Five Dark Fates, it’ll also be my 7th book in the Asian Reading Challenge. I’m currently aiming for 10, so I’ll be browsing some Korean Manwhas and Japanese Mangas to read so that I can smash out this challenge by the end of the year too.

Do you have any Korean and/or Japanese graphic novel recommendations? What are you reading in December?

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