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The Insta Bookshelf Inspo You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the craziest and the main reasons for how I discovered and found out about the massive, extensive book community online, was one ordinary day when I searched up some bookshelves on Instagram. I think it blew my mind a little as to how many people were talking about and showing off beautiful books I had no idea about.

Recently, as I’ve been planning to move out with my SO to our very own apartment, a little person in the back of my head has been close to exploding in excitement at the thought of reorganizing and putting together my bookshelves again, in a brand new place.

It’s always a real workout, but it’s also so satisfying. In anticipation of this ‘moving out’ day (which is like 3 months away btw, I’m just obsessed with beautiful bookshelves and library rooms), I thought I’d go back to those bookshelf obsession roots that began my journey in this community.

So, here are a bunch of beautiful Instagram photos of bookshelves I saved on my Instagram account (@trufflebooks) a long time ago, that I still stare and admire today.

Who knows, I might inspire you to organize, decorate or buy new bookshelves today too! Enjoy 🙂

PS: the featured image of this post is by @xenatine taken from the @mybookfeatures account.

So, what did you think of these beautiful shelves? Do you feel like organizing or decorating your shelves (if you have any)? Cause I sure do.

Until next time,

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    • Tracy

      I knowwww I feel you hahah, it was so hard choosing them too cause there was so many amazing posts on Insta with dream #goals bookshelves! yknow what tho, I kind of like bookshelves attached to beds, it’s so cute and cosy so be proud of yours <3

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