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BLOGIFUL DAY 2 | Blog Signatures: Why & How?

Welcome to Blogiful Day 2! I really hope you guys enjoyed the posts Kat and I published yesterday for our official Blogiful event launch.

Today, I am bringing you another cool topic I’ve had some questions about in the past ~ the mighty blog signature.

If you’ve read posts on my blog before, you’ll know that they usually always end with a cute lil blog signature that says ‘love, truffles’ and my social media links (check it out now, down below if you haven’t). And, there are many reasons why blog signatures are and should most definitely be a thing – which is what I’ll be sharing with you today, as well as how to create your own if you don’t already have one.

Blog Signatures – the ‘Why?’

As glamorous as that would be, a blog signature isn’t giving away your precious autograph like a celebrity or signing your soul over to the devil.

A blog signature is primarily a showcase of:

1. branding

2. personality (which can be part of your brand)

Kat and I wrote extensively (and I’m sure will continue to) about the importance of branding when it comes to blog design. Funnily enough, a blog signature is part of that.

A blog signature supports your branding by representing your blog image in a smaller, more discrete format at the end of each post. It’s like how YouTubers have cute intros and outros; bloggers have cute ‘outros’ at the end of their content too since most people reading your blog see your ‘intro’ through your blog design, logo/header etc on their screens.

A blog signature also adds personality because they’re not all the same when they’re actually designed. You can have a blog signature that’s literally your signature, scanned as a picture. Or you can create yours with a cute font or other graphics like I have. It’s all dependent on the blogger and their personality, but because personality is also part of a blog’s brand; it’s generally advised that it’s consistent with the blog’s overall design. Adding something small like this shows the amount of detail and care you take into your blog’s appearance and branding, and also how you present yourself and your personality.

It’s been proven that consistent branding with an attractive and/or unique personality, makes a business achieve more brand loyalty – as in, more people tend to come back to them because they appreciate the consistency and authenticity.

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source: blogpixie

Now, The ‘How?’

There are many ways to create a blog signature. Like above, you can scan your own signature or create one with a font and graphics like I have below – however, the main obstacle with a blog signature is how to make it get to its appropriate spot.

The easiest but also the most timeconsuming way is to simply have your blog signature as a JPG or PNG and insert the photo at the end of every post. It’s how I used to do it, until, I got a nifty plugin that saved that 5 seconds of work for me.

There are a lot of plugins you can use on WordPress to add your signature. If you google how to add one to your blog, you’ll find other bloggers who are using completely different plugins. Some might work for you and some might not.

The ease of a plugin is that you can just set it and forget it. It will automatically add that onto the end of every blog post you have. The plugin that I use is a super minimalistic one called ‘bottom of every post’. It does exactly what it says.

Although, what makes it simple is what could also make it very hard for someone else. The plugin I use is super simple because it doesn’t have a friendly interface for everyone. To customise the bottom of every post, you need to learn and use some HTML to include your signature and even add layout if you want to add your social media icons too.

I know! I know! Not everyone can code HTML and whatnot, (even though I highly recommend you give it a try because it is fun!)

This might seem tricky if you’ve never coded before but this plugin hasn’t given me any issues whatsoever and because it’s code, allows me to add links to the images which mean linked social media icons and even affiliate banners. If you’d like to get into coding as I have, you can read my post from the first Blogiful last year right here.

Another possible obstacle would be that if you have a free WordPress account or you aren’t self-hosted, you won’t be able to use plugins at all. That would, unfortunately, put you back to square one where the only way to include a blog signature is to add it as a photo manually.

What Should Be in a Blog Signature Anyway?

The answer is = whatever you want.

You can sign off your posts with your name or your nickname or your blogger alter ego. You could sign off quite professionally with a ‘sincerely’, or ‘best wishes’. Or just have hearts and crosses everywhere to convey your love for your adoring blog readers.

A blog signature doesn’t have to have any set things, but usually, it’s like ending a letter you’ve written to someone you’re friends with. I brainstormed so many when trying to create mine:

love, truffles

love, tracy

cheerio, truffles

ciao ciao, tracy

The possibilities are endless! Have fun with your blog signatures, especially because the more authentic the blog signature is to your personality, your brand and yourself; the more others will see it, resonate with it and come back for more.

So, what does your blog signature say if you have one? Let us know if you’re creating one for yourself after reading this, we’d love to know!

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Until next time,

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  • Sophie @ Me and Ink

    I love blog signatures!! I also think they are really helpful as it puts a name to the blog and adds a really personal touch. I didn’t always have one but I love it now. My sister is going to write on my blog a few times in the coming month and I immediately got her a blog signature. Great post!! <3

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