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BLOGIFUL DAY 5 | Blog Buttons: Necessary or Not?

It’s unfortunate, but I feel like Blog Buttons are a dying accessory in the blogging world but is it even necessary?

Welcome to the FINAL day of our Blogiful Event! Kat and I have been loving sharing more blog design posts to you guys this week and for my final post, I’m going to be exploring blog buttons!

Firstly, what is a blog button?

A blog button is basically the button-shaped equivalent of your header/logo. It is inherently an extension of your blog’s brand and should basically include your blog’s name and look like it’s got the same branding or at least colours of your blog.

For me example, I’ll be using the designs I created for my friend Bree’s blog called Jasper & Spice. As you can see below, from her header I created her blog button using the same graphic elements and a leaf border she really loved on her old blog button.

So, Why Do People Want Buttons?

Blog buttons used to have the main purpose of advertising your blog. Having a cute looking button that others can add to their own blogs, was an opportunity for blogger solidarity. Bloggers would swap their buttons and subtly advertise their blogger friend’s blog on theirs.

With consistent exposure of the button on other people’s blogs and on social media, more people were likely to find that blog to become a new reader and increase that blog’s traffic.

Buttons can also be used to show off badges and awards like the NetGalley badges and being part of i.e. the Asian blogger directory (which I am part of – cue identity crisis). These are all also not just for being proud of taking part in initiatives and showing off your reading accomplishments, but subtle advertising for the directories and websites like NetGalley relevant to the community.

The Main Question: Is It Necessary Anymore?

I personally think that at one time or another, it was definitely important to have one, but now in the age where most people don’t necessarily take all the time in the world to browse a blog like they used to; it would only become clutter in your blog sidebar or footer (see Kat’s awesome blogiful post on Sidebar tips here.)

But I have a blog button, so what now…

What’s great about blog buttons, is that it really doesn’t hurt to have one! Just not to be put on your blog.

The easiest way to advertise your blog is by using social media, and many social media platforms nowadays are built on square shapes. With most blog headers being a rectangle shape, a blog button is actually the perfect way to brand your blog on social media.

If you have a Facebook page, it can be the profile picture; same for Twitter and Instagram. It actually provides you with a more flexible design to market your blog with the same consistent branding.

It’s also great for your blog to have a favicon. A favicon is that little icon that shows up on your internet browser tab and literally brands someone’s browser when they’re on your blog – which look super consistent and professional. Favicons are all square-shaped so round blog buttons actually fit pretty perfectly.

If your blog’s branding, your social media and even your favicon is on BRAND – –

To sum up, I think blog buttons are, perhaps, necessary – just not in the way they were originally used.

So, what do you think of blog buttons? Would you get one?

Until next time,

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  • Sophie @ Me and Ink

    I loved this entire series, thank you so much for making this and posting every day (sorry I’ve been so late)!!
    Blog buttons in the traditional sense is something I have never done but I use the ‘button’ for social media and my icon which I think helps to connect your brand across all social media which is helpful!!
    Again loved this series!! <3

    • Tracy

      I’m so glad to hear you loved this so much! It’s definitely a lot to post everyday for a week haha, thank you so much for commenting 🥰🥰

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