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January Wrap-Up, February TBR & Bullet Journal | Bujo Snippets

Oh my goodness, January is already gone! 2020 is already flying past and this month I am super proud of how much I read and the new spreads I created in my bullet journal. Since you guys liked seeing my spreads so much last time, I figured I’d regularly post these Bujo snippets to show my wrap-up, TBR and setup for the month.

Speaking of my bullet journal…

Like I mentioned last time, I own an Archer & Olive B6 dotted bullet journal, and my journey in bullet journalling basically took a turn because when I went on my holiday to Korea, I found this gorgeous planner. A planner so beautiful because it had this super cute faux leather exterior and this horizontal elastic that basically made it a hybrid between a planner and a traveller’s notebook.

83495399 216047649431200 5280910810124648448 n - January Wrap-Up, February TBR & Bullet Journal | Bujo Snippets

I started using it December but I found that I hated the planner because it started from Sunday and that totally messed with my planning. So, like a true DIY enthusiast, I promptly ripped out the insides so that I could find another notebook to stick in the faux leather outside.

I was thinking of finding another notebook to stick inside (which proved too difficult because the planner was a strange size between A5 and B6) or to make it into a kindle cover case for my kindle (too much effort). Until I realised that it actually fits my B6 bullet journal perfectly! I was really happy with how it looked.

I used some black paper to cover up the ripped bits on the inside of the cover (didn’t take a photo of that cause it was too dark) and at the moment, sticky tape will have to do to keep the bullet journal inside but I’m looking into fabric glue to stick it in better. It’s now more protected and looks super chic in that cute Korean planner style.

Onto My January Wrap-Up

I read so much more than I thought I did in January that it genuinely made me so happy! I ended up creating a spread with the list of what I read, as well as a cute wrap-up spread with all my statistics for reading and blogging for the month, including the book of the month.

Ninth House did end up being the best book out of all the ones I read in January even though it wasn’t amazing. My reading month was full of books I kind of or mildly enjoyed, with one unfortunate DNF.

Like I mentioned in my Goodreads review for Yes No, Maybe So – it was a good read with great writing! But at halfway through, I couldn’t keep going. I couldn’t relate to all the American political drama and issues as an Australian and although I could empathise, it wasn’t the kind of topic I was looking to read in a YA contemporary book. I also got into some more poetry (which I’ll post more about on the blog soon!) which was really interesting.

My Book Review Links:

Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Blogging Highlights

January was also an awesome month for blogging because of the Blogiful event I hosted with Kat! If you haven’t read the blog posts from that event, I’d highly recommend you do (see the link in my navigation bar above). It was tough posting on 5 consecutive days but I did it, and I’m so proud of the content I put out. Some other posts I’m proud of:

Blogiful Event Posts

2019 Wrap-Up & 2020 Goals

My 2020 Most Anticipated

Books From Last Decade: Top YA Books of 2010

What I Watched In January

As you’ll know, I’m not one to really watch a lot of movies or TV – although I do try to watch them more. I’ve been slowly watching Hotel Del Luna & Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung for ages now and I’m getting there!

However, in January, I basically binge-watched (for me that’s like one episode a day or whenever they come out) two of my favourite shows; Sex Education Season 2 and the final season of The Good Place.

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Sex Education Season 2 (5/5 Stars)

Absolutely loved this show when it came out last year and I loved this season too. The ending almost made me cry and I’m certainly not okay. I can’t wait for more of this show when it comes out next year!

images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSL3mipMmdfvkQg2BuClvUTYyTgVR0CNQkv5LZVzFQGgrsib YI - January Wrap-Up, February TBR & Bullet Journal | Bujo Snippets
The Good Place Season 4 (5/5 Stars)

This show is just amazing, I love it so much and it brought tears to my eyes as I watched this final season – which ended perfectly at that! I’d highly recommend this to anyone, especially because it got me way more interested in philosophy and trying harder to become a better person.

Hello February!
My TBR & Bujo Spreads

For February, I changed things up a lot in my bujo based on how I used it in January. I ended up going live on Instagram while making my cover page, inspired by a gorgeous February pastel cover page on Pinterest.

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One of the things I changed up for February, was that I realised that I wasn’t using my monthly spread a lot so it was a bit of a waste of space to put it over 2 pages. I also found that I kept forgetting to use my habit tracker when it had its own page, so I wanted to incorporate it into my weekly spreads instead.

So with my monthly spread minimized, I added my TBR on the other side. A nice, short and achievable TBR I’m excited about (since I took this photo I also added one more book to the list – All the Pretty Things by Emily Arsenault).

84086509 175656153769807 5837754909188947968 n - January Wrap-Up, February TBR & Bullet Journal | Bujo Snippets

I was really inspired by the January setup that Jenna from Bookmark Your Thoughts created when it came to doing my weekly spreads and it looked perfect for me! It had more space in the to do’s and less space in the actual weekday events. I prefer this more because I found in Jan that I would write things I want to do on a certain day but I’d be constantly delaying it because plans change and it was bothering me that I was constantly delaying items on my weekday lists. So a simple layout with events on the side and the main to-do’s in the centre, makes this spread much more pleasing and productive for me. To do mention the room to do all my habit tracking on the main spread I’ll be using throughout the week – perfect!

I definitely also experimented with my decorating style since I really enjoyed doing more collage style kind of spreads when I set my Bujo up last year. With Valentine’s Day this month, I embraced the colour pink for this collage-style again, with cute pastel pink aesthetic photos I printed out (cause I personally can’t afford to buy stickers for my planner) including some mini Mexican walking fish and shibas to say hello throughout the spreads. I haven’t created the spreads for week 3 and week 4 of February yet, but I likely will this week.

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It’s February 3rd, What Am I Reading First?

The first book I’m currently reading out of my TBR is Infinity Son by Adam Silvera! It’s actually going quite well and I’m impressed. I haven’t read much from Adam Silvera but this is definitely at least a 4-star YA fantasy for me and I’m looking forward to finishing it over the next day or so. If you didn’t already know, there’s also a super cool book trailer – that’s actually impressive too!

What’s on your TBR for February? Did your reading month go well for January?

Until next time,

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