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Happy Birthday to Me! Winter Wonderland Book Tag

Today, I am 22. Which is almost a little surreal but I stopped getting excited about birthdays a while ago. Growing up means my birthday becomes so much less significant but this year, I’m trying to embrace the positive. To celebrate all the good that has come in my life so far.

I was blessed with an early birthday present that came from my SO, as a beautiful reading chair! We had a small shopping spree and decked it out with a new throw, a new cushion to chill with my existing Charli Bowater ACOTAR cushion and even a little table to pop down my tea during reading sessions. I haven’t had a reading nook since 2017 when my faithful bean bag died, so it has been really emotional to finally have my own little spot to relax and cosy with a book.

In true fashion of my new reading nook, instead of the Birthday Book Tag I did last year, I thought I would do the Winter Wonderland Book Tag. It is winter in Australia, and more so why I’m so keen to start using this reading chair this week. I’m not sure who started this tag but I found it on Dorian’s blog, The Perks of Being a Book Freak.

The Winter Wonderland Book Tag

One: What book is so happy and so sweet that it just warms your heart?

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Save the Date by Morgan Matson.

I honestly feel like re-reading this book every other day because it was so good. Morgan never seems to let me down and this book makes me happy.

Two: What’s your favourite book with a white cover?

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Warcross by Marie Lu.

I absolutely loved this book, it got me back into reading when I was going through a hard time. It’s what inspired my Twitch name (EmikaTA) and I just love this cover too.

Three: You’re sitting in a nice, comfortable chair with a cup of hot chocolate. What monster book are you reading?

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The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon.

This book sure is a monster. It’s so big and I have the edition that is so thick (and unfortunately not floppy at all) that I swear it could give someone a concussion. This novel also just has a big, massive world and its super interesting stories and I really hope we get another book or sequel or something.

Four: It’s snowing outside and you decide you want to have a snowball fight. What fictional character do you want to have this snowball fight with?

Um…probably Lazlo Strange. We could have hours of fun conversations whilst lightly smashing each other with snowballs.

Five: Sadly, your campfire is dying. What last few chapters of a book would you throw in the fire to revive it and keep yourself warm?

Ooh, this is hard because the last few chapters are more often the chapters that redeem a book for me, rather than make it worse. For this though I’ll have to say:

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Infinity Son by Adam Silvera.

I think this book started out strong but I feel like the last 40% of this book could be sacrificed to keep myself warm one day.

Six: What book do you love so much that you would buy another copy of it to give to someone as a Christmas gift (or any gift really) to inspire them to start reading?

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Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

I can say this with certainty because I’ve recommended it to many people and 2 have picked it up and loved it. So, I know this one works. In terms of contemporaries I would also pick:

The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews

The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling by Wai Chim.

I love both of them so much!

Seven: Who do you tag?

I would like to tag whoever wants to do this tag, since I’m in Australia and half of the world is in Summer ~ if you’re also in Winter, you’re more than welcome to!

I’m very keen for my birthday celebrations, obviously because of COVID-19, nothing extravagant is planned. A cosy family dinner is everything I wanted anyway and my reading nook will await me afterwards.

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy this weekend, continuing to practice anti-racism in real life and equality for all ~ and most of all, enjoying all the books you’re reading!

Until next time,

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  • Malka @ Paper Procrastinators

    Happy birthday! I hope it ends up being the most perfect day!

    I love your reading nook! It looks so cozy, and I love how it was designed for the perfect reading experience, cup of tea included!

    And I really I really want to read Priory, but its monstrous size has me so intimidated! Maybe one day I’ll finally work up the courage! Also, Lazlo Strange would be the perfect person to have a snowball fight with! Can I join in on your fun?

    • Tracy

      Thank you! It is so cosy, I’ve never felt so accomplished haha
      Priory is amazing but I’d say if the size is intimidating; just read one story at a time. The book is actually cut up into specific parts/stories so you don’t have to read them all in one go šŸ™‚ And yes, please join!

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