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August Plan With Me | Bookish Bullet Journal

It is with great pleasure that I present, my August spreads for my bullet journal. It was so fun creating this last night, I got super into it and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

I went on a little shopping spree on Etsy a few weeks ago and the first things to arrive were the items I got from K.C. Journal. I got some washi tape in various muted colours and a pack of gorgeous low opacity stickers with a cool purple and blue theme (the Nature pack which you can find here). Since this order came first, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use my new stickers and see what I can come up with for my August spreads.

My first thought was, this month is technically the last month of winter in Australia. While July’s spreads were bright orange and yellow with calming koi fish to help spread some positivity in this grim time, August can be about self-reflection, embracing the gloomy mornings of the last month of winter and getting cosy with some clouds. And as you can see in the feature photo above, I really embraced that with a more collage feel and I’m super happy with how it turned out. The cloud drawings were also inspired by the May spreads from Hayley’s Bujo; whose bujo is beautiful!

I was having so many issues uploading the photos of my bujo this morning that I just decided, you know what, let’s just start a bujo Instagram account and I can just embed my photos into this post. So if you’d like to see my bujo photos first before they show up on a blog post, you’re more than welcome to head over to @trufflejournals.

As you can see, my monthly spread hasn’t really changed. I’ve been pretty happy with the simple line format and having my tbr right next to it. It’s going to be super satisfying colouring in the sparkles as I read these books in August.

While planning out my spreads, it came to my attention that now that I can buy books, I should be keeping track of what and how many I’m buying. I also found that I wasn’t using my university spread as much and that it was getting tiring doing my habits on a weekly basis because I’ve been so busy and it would make me feel more guilty than inspired to do these habits if that makes sense? So I switched out my university spread (for reference, see my July spreads), and added 2 sections for keeping track of books I’ve bought and the two main habits I want to work on this month.

I have been trying and failing at getting a consistent exercise routine because I’m just plain lazy but I’m hoping to fix that because quarantine and doing everything from home have made me start snacking and eating way more from boredom. Even though language learning isn’t a priority as I study my postgrad, it’s still something I want to do at least a couple of times of week so I wanted to keep tracking that too!

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♡ Week 1 of August ♡

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Something else that I did to mix up my spreads is try out a new weekly spread! I have been doing a one page weekly with the time on the day because I’ve been working from home but realised that I didn’t really need that time specification anyway as my workload at work has stabilised. So a simple to-do list was enough for each day, so I went back to a classic weekly spread with a generic to-do list.

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☆ Week 2 of August ☆

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For the second week of August, I mixed it up again to give myself a bigger to-do list in case I need it, but also just to experiment for fun. I want to be actively using my bujo a bit more, for self-care and self-awareness. I’m the kind of person that gets anxious when things feel out of order, which is why when I finish cleaning my space and my apartment, that I feel so satisfied.

I didn’t end up creating the spreads for week 3 and 4 just yet, but I’m looking forward to continuing this style throughout the month and brainstorming a spring theme for September! The year has gone by so fast, even when I’ve been stuck at home for so long (Melbourne is currently in a lockdown). I hope that things start to brighten up for everybody.

If you’ve read up to here, thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate all the support and hope to you see in the comments and maybe on my instagram accounts too.

Until next time,

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