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September Plan With Me | Bookish Bullet Journal

And just like that, August has flown past ~ although we still have a small measly week left; I managed to do my bullet journal September setup really early! I feel like I’ve usually scrambled on the last few days of the month to do my journal spreads but last night I was super inspired, and feeling a bit crabby – thus, my journaling began. I’m pretty proud to say that this month’s spread has got to be my new favorite so far.

It was partly inspired by a haul of stickers I got from an Etsy/Bookstagram store called Pages & Constellations. They have the cutest and coziest stickers, and although my September spreads look very Autumn-themed, in my mind; it’s a cosy spring theme with earthy tones. I knew the second I got the cute bookish yellow print in my hands that I had to stick it in my journal and use these stickers to create my theme.

So for my cover page, I tried to make it all about colour and spring and the idea of it blossoming – it’s still pretty gloomy with winter rain right now in Melbourne but it’s a welcome change I hope happens soon.

My monthly ‘at a glance’ page and tbr spread didn’t change much this month, but I did add a small new section in my tbr for books I’m hoping to reread! I have never used stickers for my headings before so it was a fun new thing to try – especially in conjunction with some new washi tape colours that fit the theme perfectly.

For my next spread, I had noticed in that last two months that I kept having to create a new page for books I’ve read because I was reading so much more than anticipated. This time around I gave myself some more room, about half a page, and used the rest for my ‘books bought’ section. This section, I would hope remains empty in September but with so many new anticipated releases, it’s unlikely I won’t at least pickup or preorder a couple of titles.

What I also noticed in August is that I’ve been using my bullet journal more than ever and I actually wanted to keep track of more things too. For example; I have a bad habit of forgetting when I have last fed our fish and you really don’t want to over or underfeed them, so that’s something new I wanted to track. Another would be because my partner and I have been working from home every day since March, we’ve started to go for short walks around the block outside to get some sun and fresh air, so I wanted to track that too.

I also had a mild crisis last week as the lockdown was kind of starting to affect me after months of going through this, so I wanted to try out a gratitude log for whenever I have those bad days. It helps to remember all the things to be grateful for to keep you thinking and feeling more positive for the future. I recently finished the Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred Challenge yesterday – which was definitely a challenge! It’s been so good to get into exercising and working out regularly, so I’m hoping to continue doing workouts 5-6 times a week and make this a habit for my mental health (and my quarantine snacking).

And my last spread is of course the weekly view for the first week of September! Whenever I do these spreads, I find it so satisfying that you’re basically getting a fresh start. A fresh start to commit to being more productive and self-aware. I really liked the drop shadow and the small doodle elements I put throughout all these spreads.

And those are my September spreads! I’m super happy with them, it took me a long time because I am a bit of a perfectionist (huge understatement). A huge thank you to Pages & Constellations because their designs are so cute and so beautiful; and basically what prompted me to create this earthy spring theme. I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather and seeing more flowers bloom in my neighbourhood.

What’s your theme for September if you’ve got a bookish bullet journal?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

Until next time,

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