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Author Interview: Our Chemical Hearts’ Krystal Sutherland [Excerpt]

So I recently read Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland and loved it, reviewed it then watched the movie adaptation which left me wanting more. I was also lucky enough to get to interview Krystal Sutherland about the book and the process of adapting it for the screen through The Nerd Daily, so I thought I would share a short excerpt here for you to read if you’re interested. You can read the full author interview linked down below!

Today, we bring you an exciting author interview with Krystal Sutherland! She captured our hearts in her debut novel Our Chemical Hearts, and it was exciting to hear that it was being made into a movie adaptation. The film, titled Chemical Hearts, came out on the 21st of August on Amazon Prime, starring Lili Reinhart (Riverdale) and Austin Abrams (Walking Dead, Euphoria). Read on to learn more about Krystal’s experience in seeing her words brought to life on screen as the film was made and shared for all the world to see.

Hi Krystal! Thanks for joining us in this author interview. Congratulations on the release of the book-to-movie adaptation for Our Chemical Hearts! Can you describe in 3 words how it feels to have your book come to life on screen for all the world to see?

Surreal, thrilling and nerve-racking!

Did you have a lot of creative input into the direction of the film? What’s the process like for the author of an adaptation?

I made a decision early on in the process – after I first spoke to Richard and Lili, actually – to take a step back and put my trust in their creative vision. There was strong synthesis between the three of us about what the book was and how the movie should tell the story. They both felt so strongly, so passionately, about the project, it was easy for me to hand it over to them and say, “Take good care of this.” Art and artists need space to breathe and grow, and I think me being there through every step of the process, reading over everyone’s shoulders, wouldn’t have been particularly useful. That being said, I did read the screenplay before shooting began and also spent time on the set.

What was it like seeing your words come to life on screen?

I finished writing the book more than four years ago and when I was done with the story, I was done with the story – I haven’t dwelt on it, I haven’t spent time with those characters since. So watching the movie for the first time was like rediscovering this story that I used to know so well but that I’d forgotten the intricacies of. It was surreal and wonderful – and kind of unsettling, like ninety minutes of déjà vu!

While it’s not the full interview, I hope you enjoyed this little excerpt of what we got to chat about. I’m definitely looking for Krystal’s new release in 2021!

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