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October Plan With Me | Bookish Bullet Journal

October is upon us! And I was super indecisive about this month’s theme so it took me forever to finally decide on one!

Everybody seems to be doing spooky or autumn themes for October but it’s…spring in Australia. In September I did a cosy spring theme and this month, I considered a spooky one but I don’t really celebrate Halloween much so I thought I’d go a very colourful spring theme.

For this month, I was inspired by Sydney Ann Journals and Amanda Rach Lee to do a bit of a soft, colourful internet theme. I thought it was super cute to include a little ‘september.exe has stopped responding’ to signal that that month is over. This theme was fun to create but also made me very anxious because I’m horrid at drawing straight lines and too messy with a ruler. There were a few things I wished could’ve been better like my yellow colour; that brush pen was not pointy at all anymore and was so hard to use. Not a fan of using that pen anymore but I’ll stick to it for this month cause I can’t bear changing it!

For my monthly spread, I kept it relatively simple and with the same structure as my previous months. I much prefer a line monthly at-a-glance over the traditional square calendar blocks. I also included my TBR as usual but incorporated the ‘books bought’ and a small reading stats window bubble because I had the room! It’ll be good to keep track of what I’m buying and reading (if I buy any books, I’m on a bit of a book buying ban but sshh)

Again, I kept my October reads spread the same but with the cute folder accents but I added in the 2 main habits I want to track for October in the spot where I had my books bought section last month. I really liked tracking my habits in the monthly format again but I found that tracking going for a walk and when I read became redundant after a while. If I’m going to go for a long walk, that will now count as exercise (cause it is, walking for 45 mins to an hour is hard) and I tend to read almost every day. I considered adding in watering the plants but my plants are so weird – they don’t seem to have a watering schedule, I watered them heaps a week ago and they’re still wet. I really don’t want to overwater or underwater them so I’ll just be checking every time I feed the fish.

And finally my first weekly spread! I actually kept the same layout as most of last month because I enjoyed this one so much. It’s simple and I have enough room for all my tasks and to-do’s. I continued to add the little peaches like the inspiration from Sydney Ann because I thought it was a cute pink splash of colour. The little quote on the bottom-left is there to remind me that it’s okay if I don’t get everything on my to-do list done on the day and to take it one day at a time.

That is basically it for my October spreads. It doesn’t feel like a lot but it took a lot more time than last month because I had to draw so much more. These rounded boxes are SO HARD. Can you spot the bits of white out I had to use cause I can’t even draw in a straight line? xD I had to try very hard to embrace the imperfections no matter how much it hurt.

Have you created your October spreads yet? What theme did you go with?

Until next time,

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