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The 5 Stages Of A Reading Slump

It has come to my attention that I am indeed now…in a slump. So I thought I’d process this in a different way and try to recognise each stage that led me to this.

Most people have suffered through reading slumps and it’s okay. As book bloggers, we need to be more transparent about the culture of reading books all the time that isn’t super accurate for everyone.

FYI This isn’t supposed to be super serious – if you need a proper diagnosis, please see your GP.

Stage 1: The Catalyst

No matter what, there always tends to be a catalyst. Something that sets you into the reading slump. In the past it has been a book I hated (because after I kept seeing those flaws in other books) or a book I adored (cause nothing lived up to it afterwards), or just a life event (like my cat passing away or going back to work) that just takes it out of you.

It’s sad to say but this is normal. As much as we’d all like to read consistently, life happens and a reading slump begins.

Stage 2: The Decline & Denial

There’s always this period of decline where the slump doesn’t happen straight away but your reading might slow down and you’re trying so hard to persevere because you’re in denial that you’re in a slump. While you might be able to get yourself out of it at this stage by trying to read like crazy, it might make symptoms worse and plunge you into an even deeper slump.

Stage 3: The Fear & Acknowledgement

My greatest fear of being in a reading slump is that it’ll affect my motivation with blogging. It makes sense that if you’re reading less that it might be more difficult to come up with reading-related content. When you feel that fear and look past the denial: that’s where the acknowledgement phase kicks in when you realise that yep, you are in a reading slump.

Stage 4: Acceptance

Acceptance is the hardest stage because it’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re in a slump. But, it’s okay. It’s okay to take a break and enjoy the slump knowing you’ll be back to reading soon. Even if you hate it, like I do, you do have to accept it.

Stage 5: Recovery

After taking it easy, by easing yourself back into reading, that’s when we hit recovery. Your motivation to read is back up and you’re smashing out books left and right. All will be well.

I am, unfortunately, in the acceptance stage of a reading slump but I’m optimistic that I’ll soon recover. What have your previous reading slumps been like?

Until next time,

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  • Louise @ Monstrumology

    I think I’m in the recovery stage of a reading slump but it’s probably a little too early to say so. It took me over a month to read my last book and it’s kind of wore me out so I’m trying to ease myself back in.

    • Tracy

      I hope you recover fast and well! I’m hoping that I’m also in the recovery stage at the moment. I’m definitely motivated to read so it could also just be what I’m reading right now 🙂 happy reading!

  • Ruby Rae Reads

    Omg loveeeee this post ahaha. I was in a… technically slump all of last month because I didn’t finish anything. I wanted to read but I think it was the book unfortunately. Anyways, loved reading this one friend xoxoxo

  • Malka @ Paper Procrastinators

    I was in a pretty bad reading slump for a few books, where even if I was reading, nothing was gripping me. And now I feel like I might be on the edge of another one, but I’m going to try reading through it and see what happens. If I slump, I slump, but at least I’ll have tried!

    But these steps are super accurate and were a great reminder to be kind to myself, even if I do slump in the next few days. It basically helped me reach the acceptance stage before the slump has even hit!

    • Tracy

      I’m literally mid slump so I feel this haha this year has been a roller coaster for my reading but you have to take care of yourself and just take it easy 🙂 good luck!

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