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Life Update: Moving House, New Cats & More

Sometimes, don’t you feel like time is going so fast that things are a literal blur? It’s been like that for me for the past few weeks – well, all of March really. It seems like I haven’t been very active on this blog to me even though I did have a post go out last week. And since I read that book (ACOSF), I’ve read one book and I’ve been trying to finish my current read for what seems like way too long – so to alleviate this sense of absence and the possibility of a book slump, I thought I’d do a bit of a life updates because in truth, I’ve just been dreadfully busy and drafting posts isn’t the first thing on my mind when I’m exhausted.

New Home

The first massive thing that happened is that on that mid-March, I moved house! It was incredibly stressful (I will never trust removalists again) and I spent most of my time packing and unpacking when I wasn’t working. Then of course, many people just wanted to come over and so we had friends and family come for dinner to celebrate the new place. And I love this new place! It’s more spacious and in a quieter neighbourhood. I can have my reading chair and my books in our living area and it’s just got everything we didn’t like about our previous apartment. It’s just taken a lot of time settling in and like the perfectionist that I am; make sure everything is perfect. So far, I’m super happy with our progress.

New Cats

As you may know, we had a loss in the family when our cat Rengar passed away. For us, to help us grieve, we got a new cat right away to bring some sounds and distractions to what became a lifeless place. She’s been the greatest and in the last week, we got her a friend! A similar-looking cat was adopted from a different shelter and so, we’ve been busy trying to acclimate him and so far he’s doing well but he’s still very shy.

New Job

Just when you thought there was enough change in my life, next week I’m officially starting a new job! It’s incredibly exciting but it was also a tad stressful finishing up my previous position. This isn’t a huge factor in why I’ve been a bit absent but it’s something I’m proud of 🙂

How am I feeling because of all this? Tired. Just tired and the motivation to read is low but I’m getting there. I’m trying to get more sleep, eat healthier and rest. I’m getting more energy bit by bit and I can’t wait to get into a more productive mood soon, especially as I start my new job.

How are you doing? Any new things in your life right now?

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