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Blogger Appreciation: The Power Of A Review

This time, I thought I’d do a different kind of blogger appreciation post. Instead of appreciating 5-6 specific bloggers, I thought I’d talk about how powerful every blogger is.

To this day, it baffles me seeing the number of bloggers out there and the influence they have on everyday readers. It might not seem like you’re doing a whole lot sometimes but your opinion does matter and a simple book review is all that can change someone’s choice to buy, recommend or unhaul a book at any time.

As someone that works in marketing, I frequently have to think about this thing called the ‘customer journey’. It’s literally the journey from when someone learns about a product and then either buys it or buys something else. Consumption is a huge part of our society and in the book community, a book review is not only powerful enough to sway someone’s consumption of a book but to sway someone’s consumption of an entire industry.

Think about the number of people out there who may not read non-fiction, then a blogger writes an amazing review of this non-fiction book and it begins to snowball where that review really made sense to a reader – they read the book, and enjoy it so much that they continue to read non-fiction books consistently afterwards. This is just one customer journey path that is influenced by a small factor.

Think about how many times you’ve read someone else’s blog and seen a book that sounds so amazing and has definitely gone on your TBR – that’s power.

Bloggers are underestimated, they are -one could say- often times neglected but despite other platforms like YouTube and Instagram possibly being more statistically influential – it would be wrong to assume that bloggers are useless and have no power to influence readers.

There is a reason that publishers collaborate and send review copies to bloggers – they are part of the system that constantly helps to promote books, specific books, that help the publishing industry from totally dying out. That being said, just because publishers haven’t recognized you as someone to collaborate with, it doesn’t mean you’re not worth it either. The content created by all bloggers and the connections throughout are what make up this great community and that’s where the power of blogging lies. Within each and every one of us.

I know this might seem super obvious to hear, but I just thought this post would be a nice reminder that all bloggers are needed and wanted in the community. No matter what genre you review and love to ramble about, you are all appreciated and sometimes we all need that little reminder.

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