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My Breath of the Wildathon TBR

Another readathon – another challenge! This one, I simply had to join. I have been doing some reading streams with the lovely Little Book Owl, who co-founded the Breath of The Wildathon – AND since I’ve actually been reading so much more (3 books so far this month! and essentially completed the 2 books for the Magical Readathon), I thought ‘why not?’.

This readathon is particularly fun as there are perks, there is a special map, there is a Blood Mood card that randomly generates a prompt for you. It’s all very exciting. There are a few teams with different perks and you can learn all about it on the official website if you’d also like to join. The readathon officially starts today on the 20th of September and ends on the 20th of October.

The book I’ve been slowly getting through has been the first Mistborn trilogy novel, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson – SO, to combine my magical readathon pick with this readathon, I’ve chosen to be part of Team Daruk. Team Daruk means I can use a partially completed book to count towards a challenge and I’ve technically already started reading this book so it worked perfectly!

Here are my prompts for Team Daruk and my book picks for this readathon:

The Great Plateau: read a book that is out of your comfort zone

For this, I’ll be using The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson because it is 100% a book that’s out of my comfort zone. I’ve always found thick epic fantasy books a challenge to pick up as there is a lot of brainpower that comes with imagining and immersing yourself in such a big, dense world. I am enjoying it but I’ve definitely been more in the mood for contemporaries or romances lately so this TBR will be a chance for me to get back into fantasy again.

Blood Moon Card: Yiga Clan (Read a book about a spy/assasin/bandit)

For this prompt, I’ve decided to finally get over the weird brick wall that has stopped me from finishing the Nevernight series by reading Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. I’ve literally had these books on my shelves since the actual publishing event that I attended and have been too strangely scared to pick them up. In case you don’t know, this book is about Mia who literally goes to an Assasin school so this is perfect for this prompt and I can’t wait to get back into this crazy world that has 3 suns.

Dueling Peaks Stable: read a sequel

Continuing from the last prompt, my book pick for this prompt will be Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff to finish off this series and see what I think about it. I really enjoyed the first book so I’m excited to see what happens since that first book’s ending and how it all ends!

Kakariko Village: read a spooky book

For this one, I’m going to recycle one of my book picks from the magical readathon – Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco. I swear I have too many series that I still need to finish and it sometimes stresses me out but we’ll get there!

Divine Beast Vah Ruta: ‘WATER’ buzzword – read a book with water (or any related word) in the title

This prompt was the toughest to find a book for. I actually don’t have any book with water on the title so I had to go a bit far from related by choosing Frost Blood by Elly Blake. I’ve had this book and its first sequel, again, on my bookshelves for a really long time after a friend recommended them to me and just haven’t picked it up. This is my chance and I’m truly excited to see what it’s all about because it screams classic YA elemental fantasy and I absolutely love that!

And those are essentially my TBR plans for the rest of September and most of October! I’m super excited to be starting this readathon this week, I’m honestly just loving that I’m getting back into reading again and really enjoying it for what it is. I certainly read books that weren’t necessarily in my TBR last week but I relished it instead of guilting myself for not staying on top of what I had planned. This readathon might be a challenge but it’s important to remember that these are supposed to be fun, not stressful! We need to be kinder to ourselves and at the end of the day, if I’m binging and smashing out a book I love – there’s nothing better than that.

Are you participating in this readathon? Let me know what you’re reading if you are!

Until next time,

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