Chit Chat Monday 1 - 10 Positive Affirmations: The Bookworm Edition
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10 Positive Affirmations: The Bookworm Edition

I feel like affirmations have become super popular amongst my friends and online. Almost every day I’ll see or hear someone saying “I’m manifesting” this or that and sharing their positive affirmations about life and themselves. So, I thought it would be a fun post to a bookworm version!

Note: this is all in fun and gest, but I hope you enjoy them for what they represent – the unity of shared experiences many bookworms around the world have together.

  1. I will not succumb to the pretty cover and buy more books I will not read until 2025.
  2. I can finish this book even though Netflix is calling my name.
  3. I trust that the villain in this novel will get what they deserve.
  4. I am worthy of buying another book.
  5. I believe that this book series will be get better.
  6. I will be kind to myself and not watch the book to movie adaptation that I know will make me angry.
  7. I am grateful for the upcoming Black Friday book sales
  8. I am free of worry and neglect for no matter what I use as a bookmark.
  9. I am doing my best no matter how many books I read
  10. I am confident that I will get through my TBR, one day.

What other affirmations would you use to calm yourself as a bookworm?

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