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I’m Tracy, a chocolate truffle from Australia. I’m the stereotypical broke student and a bibliophilic booknerd who reads at any chance I get (when I’m not working, studying or binge-watching shows). I started this blog when I realised that I’d like to take my bookstagram hobby a little further and really wanted to start creating some content of my own.


  • I have a cat who I’m obsessed with
  • I LOVE TEA but I don’t drink it super often
  • I work part-time at a Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency
  • I study Communication Design & Professional Writing & Editing at uni full-time
  • I have a book buying addiction
  • My TBR is so big it haunts my dreams
  • My other hobbies include TV shows, movies, K-Pop, organisation and planning and SHOPPING.


Let’s get to know each other!
I hope you enjoy your stay in my little wonderland.

Love, Tracy <3


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