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    BOOK TAG: The Ultimate Book Tag

    So I read this super cute post today from Bookmark Your Thoughts and I had to do it asap 😀 This will be a little shorter though because I’ve had one hell of a weekend cramming assignments for uni and have hardly done any reading. I want to read. Badly (if only responsibilities would let me). Let’s get into it!   Do You Get Sick While Reading in the Car?   It is the weakness I am most ashamed of. I can read on the train but not in the car. Nausea kills.   Which Author’s Writing is Completely Unique to You and Why?   Hmm…I’ll say Maggie Stiefvater is on a whole other level that…

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    BOOK TAG: Am I A Guilty Reader?

    I’ve only ever done book tags on Instagram so welcome to my first blog book tag! The first one I wanted to try was the ‘Am I a Guilty Reader Tag?’. It was created from a gorgeous booktuber who I’ve met and has a beautiful soul called Chami from IsThatChami. You can find the original tag from this video right HERE.   Let’s get on with the tag! Am I a guilty reader?   Have You Ever Regifted A Book That You’ve Been Given? Erm…no. I don’t get gifted book very often and if I have I have not regifted them. Have you ever said you’ve read a book when you haven’t?…