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    My Best Books of 2020

    Well, it was a pleasure to say Goodbye to 2020 a couple of days ago but I have to say, my reading in 2020 was amazing. I read more books in a year than I ever have (since I was probably like 11 cause I started reading as a hobby again at age 18) and I read a lot of books I really enjoyed. Picking my favourites was really hard; if you’re ever curious of what other books I loved though, you can check out my shelves on Goodreads 🙂 Without further ado, let’s talk about my best books of 2020! Top 3 Favourite Books of 2020: Skyward by Brandon…

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    November Wrap-Up & My TBR For the Rest of 2020

    So, November went by too fast. Work and uni were super busy and Melbourne finally came out of lockdown so my SO and I were able to go out, see friends and get basically all our Christmas shopping done early (yes I’m always early). That meant that I was exhausted and super tired most of the time. I wrote a bit about my life update in my previous post right here if you’re interested. With that, I didn’t read much but that’s okay. It felt like so little because I had gotten used to reading 10-13 books a month in the last 3 months but my total for November was…

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    BookTube Babble: An Interview With Oliviareadsalatte

    This series is one of the absolute favourite things I love about my blog and today, I’ve had the absolute HONOUR and JOY to interview the one and only Oliviareadsalatte! I have been binging her videos in the last 6 months as Melbourne was in a lockdown and I love her content. Her recommendations are great, her dog and cat are so adorable and she has made me want to buy so many more thriller books once my TBR is down to a sizeable amount. Without further ado, here is the interview and I hope you love her responses as much as I do 🙂 1. Hi Olivia! Thank you…

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    Tis The Holiday Season! Unique Bookish Gift Ideas For Christmas & Holiday Celebrations

    And just like that, we are nearing the end of year holiday season ~ and what I’m obsessing over at the moment is what to buy my family and friends for Christmas because I absolutely ADORE buying gifts for others. I much prefer buying someone a thoughtful gift than receiving one so this holiday season is always extra exciting for me. I love the entire process of wrapping the gift, writing the card and this year – I’m actually organised and early enough to dedicate a blog post purely for bookish gift ideas you could consider this season for someone you care about or for yourself! Although an actual book…

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    October Wrap-Up | November TBR & Plan With Me

    This month, like every other month this year has flown by. I can’t believe that we’re already in November and I have Christmas presents to worry about! It’s insane. Somehow, my reading this ended up being pretty good even though I struggle through a reading slump for most of it. To get out of my reading slump, I did lots of self care and just took a break from reading then did a small readathon for myself. If you joined me in the readathon on Instagram – thanks! I hope you got lots of reading out of it; I surprisingly did. What I Read In October As I said, it…

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    BookTube Babble: An Interview With BeckleBooks

    Today, I am super happy to present another BookTuber interview with none other than becklebooks! I’ve been watching her for a while and we even met in person a few years ago, and I love her fantasy-based book content on her BookTube channel. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as I do ~ without further ado… Hi Bec! Thank you so much for joining me on Truffle’s Literary Wonders. How have you been and what are you currently reading?  Hi! I’ve been all right, keeping busy and trying to accomplish my reading goal. I’m currently reading The Passage by Justin Cronin. It’s a 900+ page book which is…

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    Pairing Books With KPOP Music Videos (& Theories)

    In case you didn’t know, since 2017, I have been the biggest fan of Kpop. It is basically all I listen to; and not just mainstream big groups but smaller lesser-known groups too. I was pretty amazed as to how well my recent post turning book twitter drama into book recommendations went, so I thought I’d try to twist something else into book recommendations and why not make it Kpop? In today’s case, I’ll be pairing books with Kpop music videos and their theories! While most Kpop videos may seem all about the performance and the visuals, there are many with an actual underlying narrative that makes it just that…

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    September Wrap Up & October TBR

    I don’t know whether it’s this pandemic and the immense uncertainty in the air, or just the fact that I’ve been indoors for perhaps far too long of a time – but time has been flying by and yet not. It is a very screwed up construct right now and holy macaroni – It’s OCTOBER. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t using reading as a distraction as well as a hobby because I have. September was again, another successful reading month. I beat my personal page goal and I just feel proud of myself for enjoying what I’m reading. I didn’t DNF a single book and I thoroughly…

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    October Plan With Me | Bookish Bullet Journal

    October is upon us! And I was super indecisive about this month’s theme so it took me forever to finally decide on one! Everybody seems to be doing spooky or autumn themes for October but it’s…spring in Australia. In September I did a cosy spring theme and this month, I considered a spooky one but I don’t really celebrate Halloween much so I thought I’d go a very colourful spring theme. For this month, I was inspired by Sydney Ann Journals and Amanda Rach Lee to do a bit of a soft, colourful internet theme. I thought it was super cute to include a little ‘september.exe has stopped responding’ to…

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    Author Interview: Cinderella Is Dead’s Kalynn Bayron

    I recently read Cinderella Is Dead and really enjoyed it so I was so happy to get the opportunity to interview the author, Kalynn Bayron! A huge thank you to Bloomsbury Publishing for helping to make it happen. Cinderella Is Dead is an awesome young adult fantasy; a Cinderella retelling I thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend. You can find my full review here. Let’s get onto the author interview! 1. Hi Kalynn, a huge congratulations on the publishing of your novel, Cinderella Is Dead! How would you describe your experience and what it feels like for your book to be out into the world? It’s been an incredible experience so far! A…