• mytop5 kdrama - My Top 5 K-Drama Picks for Newbies

    My Top 5 K-Drama Picks for Newbies

    It is no secret, after my last K-Drama post that I am a fan of K-Dramas – even if I rarely watch any TV-Shows or Netflix these days. That post ended up being quite popular so I thought I’d make one for people who may have never watched one before. It’s also pretty cool because I’ve named it My Top 5 – a new series for my top 5 of anything – suggest any top 5s you’d like to read in the comments! K-Dramas are seriously beginning to dominate the TV world as Kpop has skyrocketed into mainstream popularity and Netflix has given us so many to watch. Generally made…

  • 81380287 1429148820587726 1174406382720385024 n 1 - My 2020 Bookish Bullet Journal Setup

    My 2020 Bookish Bullet Journal Setup

    I have been admiring others and considering starting one for a long time, but ironically enough because I was so busy with university, I never wanted to commit to one because – a bullet journal is time-consuming and something that needs to be maintained (despite the fact that it’s supposed to help increase productivity). Of course, not all bullet journals are like this, but as a creative person, the kind of bullet journal I wanted would take more time and that’s something I didn’t have a lot of this year. I even tried to start a small bookish only bullet journal about 6 months ago but even that didn’t really…

  • 67778903 761824550901750 1983182693453529088 n - K-Dramas | My Favs & What I'm Currently Watching

    K-Dramas | My Favs & What I’m Currently Watching

    K-Dramas | My Favs & What I’m Currently Watching *cat looking off into the sun like the model she is – totally unrelated but so cute* Hello there! I was feeling a little inspired and I’ve been loving K-Dramas lately so here is a random and rare lifestyle post about them 🙂 I’m sure you’ve heard of K-Dramas before and if you haven’t then you are in for a hell of a ride. Before I say anything else though, it’s important to note that K-Dramas are like normal tv shows; not every one of them is for everyone. The main difference is that one, they’re in Korean and two, they…

  • IMG20180310172233 - Back to School // My Uni Study Tips & Tricks

    Back to School // My Uni Study Tips & Tricks

    Back To School // University Study Tips & Tricks   For many of you who are studying internationally in other countries, I don’t know whether your school year has recently started or if you’ve just gotten back into a semester/term but in Australia, our university semester started about 2 weeks ago. This year is my third and second last year of gruelling university and I cannot wait for it to be over! While this semester started, I thought I might give you guys some tips and tricks on how to get through it all since I feel like I’ve got quite a bit of experience now. This is also applicable…