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    How To Create A Healthier Relationship With Reading

    The book community is constantly growing and I frequently see many people ask questions like ‘How can I read more?’, ‘How do you read so much?’, or simple statements from others about the pressure we can begin to feel just by being part of the community. Pressures of not reading fast enough, widely enough and getting into a horrendous reading slump and not feeling adequate enough. So I thought, let’s actually have a chat about our relationship with reading, and how to make sure you have a healthy one. I’ve recently been able to make peace with reading and I think I’ve managed to create a healthy relationship with reading…

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    Minimalism & Books: A Tense Love Triangle

    In case you missed it, I interviewed a BookTuber called Yasmin the other day and we really got to chat a bit about minimalism as her content changed quite a bit when she started practicing it. From that, I was kind of inspired to discuss it a bit more and do some research to see what other people might be saying about it, especially since having a book hobby can be notorious with having a book collection and buying book-related things – particularly in the online book community. Having a book collection is not bad – I have one myself, but practicing minimalism is inherently about having and buying less.…

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    Turning Book Twitter Drama Into Book Recommendations

    Cue the drama channels’ wii music soundtrack. So, in case you guys weren’t aware, there has been a lot going on on Book Twitter in the last…well, forever. There’s always a controversy or some bit of drama going on in the world of Book Twitter. While many of these issues are really important. I thought I would bring a bit of light and fun by redirecting the negativity towards a more positive topic in the form of book recommendations! I was honoured to have Joel from Fictional Fates help me out with some recommendations, to make sure we are recommending a wide variety of books with bipoc, poc and own…

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    My Library Reservations | BIPOC, Asian & LGBTQ+ Picks

    A couple of weeks ago, my local state government decided that from June 1st, that libraries could open again (Hurray!) to let people pick up reserved books. Since I had moved house, I quickly signed up online to my new local library and made a bunch of reservations for books I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for ages. Generally, these were books I’d been recommended from BookTube, close friends, Goodreads or just sequels to books I’d previously read. Truth be told, I wasn’t intending to specifically reserve library books with certain authors and representations ~ I was just reserving books I was genuinely interested in because I don’t…

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    Taking a Break | I’m Leaving The Blog (Maybe Forever)

    I have been procrastinating writing this post for like a week now. It has been a week since I told myself, it is time to stop blogging (why that is further down this post) and finally, here I am – going back on what I’m saying (actually quitting) to; simply put, tell you guys that I’m taking an Indefinite Break. indefinite/ɪnˈdɛfɪnət/ adj.– lasting for an unknown or unstated length of time. a dictionary somewhere from the internet The truth is, despite having such a successful January when it came to blogging – I faced the realisation that I wasn’t enjoying it and I haven’t been enjoying blogging for a while,…

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    Books From Last Decade: The Top YA Books of 2010

    As someone may have everyone has said as we ticked over to the new year, it is also a new decade! And like the nostalgic person that I am, I thought it would be cool, not just to look back on the books I’ve loved in the last decade (like a lot of people have) but to actually find out what was published a decade ago. Boy, some of these books are so old already – that and I’m just amazed as to how time has flown and these books still maintain their status as favourites. Back in 2010, I was 12 and still at my reading peak where I…

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    The Insta Bookshelf Inspo You Didn’t Know You Needed

    One of the craziest and the main reasons for how I discovered and found out about the massive, extensive book community online, was one ordinary day when I searched up some bookshelves on Instagram. I think it blew my mind a little as to how many people were talking about and showing off beautiful books I had no idea about. Recently, as I’ve been planning to move out with my SO to our very own apartment, a little person in the back of my head has been close to exploding in excitement at the thought of reorganizing and putting together my bookshelves again, in a brand new place. It’s always…

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    My 2020 Most Anticipated Releases

    While this isn’t a traditional discussion post, I feel like many bookworms tend to discuss what books they’re looking forward to, so here are mine! It’s unfortunate but also kind of good that my list of anticipated releases for 2020 is so short. I don’t plan on buying a lot of books this year so that I can concentrate on my physical TBR so this is definitely helpful but of course, there are a select few books I’d love to get my hands on when they come out in 2020. The Map from Here to There by Emery Lord You could say that I’m a fan of Emery since I’ve…

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    The Need for Speed // Why Does Reading Speed Affect Us?

    I guess you could say it’s natural and part of the society’s competitive nature that one could assume that if you’re good at something or that you at least enjoy it a lot, that you would do a lot of it. I think most of us may have felt it – that nagging guilty feeling that we could be reading more or that we’re not reading and/or finishing books fast enough. However, reading shouldn’t be a race but instead something to be enjoyed. It occurred to a week ago when I managed to get a friend to get a library card and borrow a book (bringing more people into the…

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    The Science Behind: Impulse Book Buying (We Have ALL Been There)

    The Science Behind: Impulse Book Buying (We Have ALL Been There) I committed this crime last week. Book buying spontaneously after a hard day when I wasn’t feeling the best and I’m sure you’ve committed this awful crime too before. Whether it was in person at the bookshop smiling prettily at you or online when you saw something so beautiful or that had such a great bargain, you couldn’t resist. “Eh, I’ll save money next week.” “I totally deserve this. I did homework today” “The cover looks so pretty.”  “What if my store runs out of stock?!” “This pre-order has so many goodies in it!” “THE DISCOUNT THO.” — trufflebooks…