Rating System


5 STARS – Amazing book! A definite favourite and highly recommended!
4 STARS – Pretty great – ranging from pretty good to close to perfection.
3 STARS – Eh…not too bad – had it’s good moments but not so great moments.
2 STARS – Not the best book, *cringe* I will probably never read this again.
1 STAR – I don’t DNF but this is one I would not recommend. Very rarely used.

Please be aware that I do use half and quarter star ratings because I prefer to rate out of 5, than out of 10. This is also because I prefer to leave 5 stars for books I truly absolutely love and are definitely a favourite. Books that are amazing but not in that particular category will generally get a 4.5 or 4.75 star. The rating is rounded up on Goodreads and through the star symbols in my reviews, and the rating is usually explained in the review itself.