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    BLOGIFUL DAY 4: Your Blog Menu

    Your Blog Menu | The Importance of Navigation   Your blog menu may be something you don’t think about much when designing or re-designing your blog, but it’s actually pretty important! Your blog menu is the core of how others can navigate your site and if they can’t navigate very well, your blog doesn’t have as great of a user experience as it could achieve. Good navigation makes it so much easier for readers to find your posts and scan through your content that it’s actually quite essential. So today, I’m bringing you some quick tips to get your navigation in tip top shape for your blog!   Keep It…

  • YqpEwsXo - BLOGIFUL DAY 3: Photography Tips
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    BLOGIFUL DAY 3: Photography Tips

    Photography Tips | What If You Don’t Prefer Graphics?   Who said you had to have graphics to have a cute blog? While my lovely co-host Kat has a super cute and beautiful blog with the most adorable graphics (don’t forget to check out her BLOGIFUL posts right >>HERE<<), I, on the other hand, have preferred to use mostly photos for my imagery. Personally, I think it works great and it works for me. It keeps things interesting and not as completely uniform or synonymous and I also like that I can incorporate my bookstagram photos into my blog too. If you would prefer to use photography rather than graphics,…

  • 26wSVaB0 - BLOGIFUL DAY 2: Logos, Branding & More!
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    BLOGIFUL DAY 2: Logos, Branding & More!

    Designing Your Logo, Style & Brand | How To’s & My Own Journey   Apologies for this blogiful post being a day late! I was unfortunately unwell and this post was half finished *cries* TT but here it is now! 😀 Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out my lovely co-host – Kat’s DAY 2 BLOGIFUL Post too! Check it out >>HERE<< Branding is a pretty important aspect of all design when it comes to businesses, entrepreneurs and yes – even you, a blogger. Having a brand can be difficult to understand but its basically creating your identity on the internet and making sure you are an individual and can be…

  • QzqLPfCY - BLOGIFUL DAY 1 + GIVEAWAY Announcement
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    BLOGIFUL DAY 1 + GIVEAWAY Announcement

    Blog Design Trends & Web Design Principles You Need To Know   WELCOME TO BLOGIFUL! Kat and I are so happy to have finally been able to do this for so long after spending hours discussing and planning this. We are so excited to share with you some great info to get your blog looking fab for the new year. Today, my topic is Blog Design Trends & some Web Design Principles you should know when getting ideas and starting to design your blog.   Blog Design Trends: Ideas to Inspire You   You might’ve already been looking at some book blogs with cool designs or maybe you haven’t even…

  • blogiful - A Special Announcement | BLOG EVENT
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    A Special Announcement | BLOG EVENT

    A Special Announcement   If you people didn’t already know, I’m kind of a communication design student – if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a fancy way of saying Graphic Design. The design of this blog specifically was originally a massive project for a unit I was studying for my degree, which I then implemented on WordPress for my own evil means 😀 (sidenote: I’ve actually been meaning to redesign my header banner cause I’m getting a little sick of it but let me know what you think) ANYWAY. My good friend Kat from Novels & Waffles  (who’s super amazing at doing the cutest graphics with stuff from…