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    Happy Birthday to Me! Winter Wonderland Book Tag

    Today, I am 22. Which is almost a little surreal but I stopped getting excited about birthdays a while ago. Growing up means my birthday becomes so much less significant but this year, I’m trying to embrace the positive. To celebrate all the good that has come in my life so far. I was blessed with an early birthday present that came from my SO, as a beautiful reading chair! We had a small shopping spree and decked it out with a new throw, a new cushion to chill with my existing Charli Bowater ACOTAR cushion and even a little table to pop down my tea during reading sessions. I…

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    Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

    I got a little bored of doing my little Golden book awards and thought I’d switch things up this year by doing the Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag instead! I cannot believe that it’s already the middle of the year. My birthday is next week so despite the current horrible happenings in the world, there is something to look forward to. This tag was originally created by Chami, who is super lovely by the way, and I wasn’t tagged by anybody that I know. Speaking of tags, in case you didn’t notice, my blog looks a little different! I finally found a similar theme that doesn’t have as many issues…

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    The Spring (Autumn?) Cleaning Book Tag

    Usually, I’m so lazy when it comes to Book Tags but this time I thought, why not? I’m feeling like doing some blogging for myself and I’ve been loving reading even more than usual the last couple of weeks. Thank you, Jenna, for tagging me in this one! So, because I live in Australia, it’s actually coming into Winter soon. It is Autumn, not Spring but because I do love Spring, let’s see what I can bring to the table with this tag. The Creator & the RulesThe creators of this tag is Amanda @ Between the Shelves! The rules are: ↠ Link back to the original post.↠ Tag as…

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    Blogger Recognition Award

    In the timely truffle fashion, I was nominated for this amazing award like, 6 months ago by Kat from Novels & Waffles and I have finally gotten around to doing it! I don’t really do award or tag posts very often – not sure why – maybe cause my brain is too lazy and thinks it’s too timeconsuming? But, here I am – finally catching up on these awards and tags. A huge thanks to Kat again for nominating me <3 I feel so utterly privileged to have been awarded for my blogging aspirations. Kat is so freaking talented and amazing – and accomplishes so much on her little corner…

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    BOOK TAG: My Birthday Book Tag

    Book Tag: The Birthday Book Tag Yes. Today is my birthday and what better way to celebrate it on my blog than with a book tag! Today I am turning 21. Such a huge milestone apparently although I don’t feel anything for it other than the fact that I’m getting older (with more responsibilities *sigh*). I’ve almost been avoiding this day also just because I’m lazy, I tried to pawn off the job of organising my birthday celebrations to like 5 people cause I couldn’t be bothered. So many people I know have had massive 21st birthday parties with function bookings at venues and $2000 bar tabs but I’d rather just…

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    BOOK TAG: My Good Reading Habits

    What better way to get back into blogging than by doing a Book Tag. The lovely Meeghan tagged me a while ago to do the My Good Reading Habits tag and I personally love this idea. Let’s go! Rules:   Pingback to this post or the creator! List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well. Nominate some of your blogging friends   So, What Are My Good Reading Habits?   1. I Don’t Put Pressure on Myself to Read ARCs ASAP. If only I could read ARCs before their release dates and have my review up in a timely manner all the time – it’s…

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    BOOK TAG: Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

    BOOK TAG: Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag   I am once again hopelessly behind in all these book tags I’ve been tagged in. Thank you so much to everyone that has tagged me, I will eventually get to all of them! Today, I’m doing the Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag, thank you so much Jenna for tagging me in this one <3 ALSO: if you didn’t notice this week from my blog bio on the sidebar to your right >>>, here it is in the featured photo for this post – my updated profile picture! Yes, I’m older, and my hair is more of a fiery…

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    The Liebster Award Book Tag

    *perpetual flailing* Thank you so much, Amber, for nominating me for this Award. It honestly feels like winning the Golden Globes. I really, really appreciate the love and it makes me all warm and fluffy thinking about people actually reading my content. The Liebster Award: What is it? Liebster is a German word meaning beloved or dearest. The Liebster Award is for your favourite or beloved bloggers who deserve some love in their lives.   Rules   1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award. 2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you. 3. Nominate 11 blogs. 4. Notify those blogs of the nomination. 5. Give them…

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    Fangirl Friday #1

    Hey Guys! It feels like ages since I wrote a blog post, mainly because I’ve been so in love and absolutely binging the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. I’m currently on the third book and well on my way to finishing this series soon! Although I do like blogging every day, I haven’t been able to because when a book is seriously so good, I will do anything to just keep reading (other than the serious things like work, I gotta work y’know). I planned to write my review for the first book in the series but then I got caught up reading the sequel and the cycle…

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    BOOK TAG: The Ultimate Book Tag

    So I read this super cute post today from Bookmark Your Thoughts and I had to do it asap 😀 This will be a little shorter though because I’ve had one hell of a weekend cramming assignments for uni and have hardly done any reading. I want to read. Badly (if only responsibilities would let me). Let’s get into it!   Do You Get Sick While Reading in the Car?   It is the weakness I am most ashamed of. I can read on the train but not in the car. Nausea kills.   Which Author’s Writing is Completely Unique to You and Why?   Hmm…I’ll say Maggie Stiefvater is on a whole other level that…