• owlswrapup - April/Magical Readathon Wrap-Up & June TBR
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    April/Magical Readathon Wrap-Up & June TBR

    April/Magical Readathon Wrap-Up & June/July TBR WOW am I late to do a wrap for April but in case you missed it, I went on a bit of a hiatus in May because of physical, mental health and just life (mostly uni) being an absolute b!tch, and at halfway through June, I’m back! My uni semester is donezo and I’ve never been more relieved. I also took a hiatus from anything book related online including Instagram and Twitter – I basically disappeared for a while and kinda loved it. I am officially back to blogging and on socials but I doubt I’ll be as active as I used to be,…

  • authorinterview cgdrews - Author Interview & Book Review: The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews
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    Author Interview & Book Review: The Boy Who Steals Houses by C.G. Drews

    Author Interview & Book Review: The Boy Who Steals House by C.G. Drews Am I a blessed soul for having the opportunity to read the advanced reading copy for this book? YES, and even more blessed to be able to interview C.G. Drews again – who is one of my favourite authors and I hope I can say that she’s also a friend too <3 (see my previous book review & author interview right here) I’m hoping to be able to buy the physical copy of this book very soon, a huge thanks to my editor at The Nerd Daily (where this review and the author interview will also appear…

  • IMG20180513145437 - March Wrap-Up & April TBR
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    March Wrap-Up & April TBR

    March Wrap-Up  & April TBR   Well, March went by pretty quickly! It was so busy; I started my university semester (studying writing and editing for the first time eek) and my workload at work almost doubled. Between those two as well as juggling my mental health and design side-projects, it’s been a little unreal. I didn’t read as much as I’d liked and once again I’ve had to put down the two big books I’ve been ‘currently reading’ for months (Eldest & Morning Star) but eventually, I’ll get to finish them 🙂 – probably in May since I’m doing a month-long readathon whoops. I’ve also been doing graphic banners…

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    BOOK TAG: Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

    BOOK TAG: Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag   I am once again hopelessly behind in all these book tags I’ve been tagged in. Thank you so much to everyone that has tagged me, I will eventually get to all of them! Today, I’m doing the Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag, thank you so much Jenna for tagging me in this one <3 ALSO: if you didn’t notice this week from my blog bio on the sidebar to your right >>>, here it is in the featured photo for this post – my updated profile picture! Yes, I’m older, and my hair is more of a fiery…

  • Enchantee Blog Tour Banner - Author Interview: Enchantée's Gita Trelease | Blog Tour
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    Author Interview: Enchantée’s Gita Trelease | Blog Tour

    Hello hello! Today, I come bearing some super cool content as I had the opportunity to interview Gita Trelease, the lovely debut author of a YA historical fantasy book I recently read >> Enchantée (see my review for it here). If you haven’t already read my review, spoiler: I really liked this book, it was super enjoyable, so it made it even sweeter getting all my questions answered and – ma gosh, Gita’s answers were perfect and just left me wanting the sequel even more. Author Interview with Gita Trelease:   1. First of all, congratulations on the thrilling debut of your first novel! How does it feel to be…

  • IMG20180310160722 2 - February Wrap-Up & March TBR
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    February Wrap-Up & March TBR

    February Wrap-Up & March TBR   It’s MARCH ALREADY?? The year is flying past and there are still so many books on my TBR to read (perpetually stuck between happy ^_^ and sad T_T cause the TBR is never going down but more stories to read, the better). Feb was not the greatest reading month for me. Despite having a big break from uni this month, I was so unproductive and somehow busy, yet not? I also was very unwell for a little while which sucks so it’s all about playing the catch-up game now. The highlight of February for this blog, however, was the BLOGIFUL blog design event, my…

  • blog featured image - Behold ~ My Design Shop & Blog Glow Up!
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    Behold ~ My Design Shop & Blog Glow Up!

    Behold ~ My Design Shop & Blog Glow Up!   HI EVERYONE! Did you notice something a lil different about my blog? Yes, it got a GLOW UP! I finally got around to cleaning it up a little, giving it a little refresh with a new header, fixed up some widgets in my sidebar, added some cute social media icons and I even have a blog signature now (*gasp* check it out below) – not even the most exciting news >>> MY DESIGN SHOW IS OPEN! It is called Truffle Creations: You can find my lil shop over in my menu or right >HERE< and – for my grand opening all…

  • EppBvl X - BLOGIFUL DAY 7: Our Epic Conclusion // GIVEAWAY WINNERS, Secret REVEAL, Q&A
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    BLOGIFUL DAY 7: Our Epic Conclusion // GIVEAWAY WINNERS, Secret REVEAL, Q&A

    Our Epic Conclusion // GIVEAWAY WINNERS, Q&A & Secret REVEAL   I cannot believe how fast this week has gone. Although it says Day 7, I know it’s technically Day 8 but I have been unwell and we had to be fair – Kat & I really wanted to announce the giveaway winners on the last day and the giveaway was available until midnight which is after our usual posting time. It has been such an amazing journey for us to be bringing you this blogiful content. I am so happy I did this, and I hope I’ve inspired at least one person into getting funky and creative with their…

  • ZrZ56CCa - BLOGIFUL DAY 6: Blog Coding 101
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    BLOGIFUL DAY 6: Blog Coding 101

    Customizing Your Blog With Code: HTML, CSS & Plugin Basics   What is HTML & CSS? As cool as it would be, blogs are unfortunately not created by magic and yes, do involve coding. Basic coding, however, isn’t super hard to understand and make up the basic building blocks of all websites including blogs. Now, with WordPress, depending on what kind you use, you can alter your blog and change its HTML (WordPress.com & WordPress.org) and CSS (WordPress.org). As defined by Wikipedia, HTML is: “Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications.“, which is jumbo jumbo for the language you use to create…

  • CMm2DTtd - BLOGIFUL DAY 5: Blog On A Budget
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    BLOGIFUL DAY 5: Blog On A Budget

    Creating a Beautiful Blog On A Budget   Hello everybody! How are you all finding BLOGIFUL? Kat and I are LOVING all the feedback we are getting from this blog event and it makes my heart sing with happiness to see so many people enjoying our content. This is literally me whenever I see likes and comments for this blog event on my notifications. Don’t forget to check out Kat’s (my amazing co-host) blog to read her wonderful BLOGIFUL posts as well right >>HERE<<. – Now in today’s BLOGIFUL design post, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to achieve a beautiful blog on a budget, specifically based on…