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    Very Belated 2018 Wrap Up & 2019 Goals

    Very Belated 2018 Wrap Up & 2019 Goals   Well, this is a bit late. I have most definitely been procrastinating this for a long time but hey, I got around to it right?! So 2018 was one hell of a year. I started this blog! I got my current job in my industry, I met and even interviewed a few authors, started my very own unique BLOG MEME, became one of the The Nerd Daily contributors (yes I’ve been slacking but more content will be out soon!), moved houses not once but twice, survived my second year of university and found myself a SO during one of the toughest…

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    January Wrap-Up

    Holy cow. A WHOLE MONTH HAS PASSED IN 2019. It has gone by so fast and I’m so behind on the blog posts I wanted up but let’s remember that whole “no pressure” thing we should all be encouraging each other with. The posts are coming. I swear it haha, I’ve got a few to do with my slightly belated 2018 wrap up, and my goals, anticipated releases and more for 2019 in the works. It just happens that they’ll go up in February. That’s fine (she says while her brain slowly melts). I happen to have done pretty well in terms of my reading in January considering that I…

  • IMG20181024150943 - Tome Topple Readathon, November & Spring Wrap-Up
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    Tome Topple Readathon, November & Spring Wrap-Up

    I disappeared for a while. I know, I’m sorry but the end of this month is the end. The end of the blog and reading slump tyranny. To be fair – I wasn’t actually slumping. I had things going on in my personal life and it happens, life happens, s#!t happens. So here is my sad yet still ok wrap up. November Wrap-Up Here’s the tally of how many books I read:   Books read: 7  Total Pages Read: 2,585   Books that I read:   The Boneless Mercies by April Tucholke ★★★★☆(4/5) | REVIEW  Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake ★★★★☆(4.5/5) | REVIEW TO COME (1/12/18) Life on the Lease by Victoria Schade…

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    October Wrap-Up

    Wow. It has been one hell of a month, and honestly, it has gone by so slowly for me that I expected to have read way less but actually did amazing considering I read some hella fat beasts for books this month. You guessed it, the last leg of my Throne of Glass journey *cue sobbing* Here’s the tally of how many books I read:   Books read: 7  Total Pages Read: 3,896   Books that I read:   The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang (vote for the GR Choice Awards!) ★★★★★(5/5) | REVIEW  What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera ★★★☆☆(2.5/5) | REVIEW Queen of Shadows by Sarah…

  • IMG20180905114615 - September Wrap-Up
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    September Wrap-Up

    September was, unfortunately, a month filled with disappointment. I was off on such a good start. I was smashing books left and right in the first two weeks…but then…I moved house. Moving house has been so time-consuming and exhausting that finding time to read was super hard. Not only because I was too tired to read but also the probable scrutiny from my parents if they saw me doing it that I was constantly paranoid about (“what are you doing? why shouldn’t you be helping to pack/unpack?”). They probably wouldn’t say that…but I’m never sure. I tried my best, I really did. This reading month wasn’t at all horrible per se, I am…

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    August Wrap-Up

    Hello fellow bookworms, so it’s been a little while! I, unfortunately, got hit by the worst bookish disease anyone can face – the dreaded book slump. I wholeheartedly blame it on my absolute binge over the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy because after that bookish event and my consecutive multiples watching sessions of the movie adaptation, I just wasn’t motivated to read… I read through the blurbs of heaps of books and couldn’t be bothered, so I ended up rereading a favourite and getting into an old school paranormal trash novel to get me out of it. I am currently book slump free…for now. Funnily enough, thanks…

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    Booktubeathon 2018 Wrap-Up

    Hey Guys! The Booktubeathon is basically over for me now, and I’m happy and proud yet a little sad with how I went. Let’s check out how many books I read. I read a total of 4 out of 7 books in my TBR including: I am Number 4 by Pittacus Lore Autoboyography by Christina Lauren Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray Total Page Count: 1,495 pages I’m personally a bit disappointed because I started off so well, reading the first two books in two days, and almost caught up by finishing the last two books on Friday. Unfortunately, I had to priorities…

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    July Wrap-Up + Mini Reviews

    This month, I read a total of 8 books! If you know me from my Instagram, you’ll know that basically every month I have a massive ambitious TBR that I generally only read half of. July was no exception! So far this year, since I’ve no longer been in a book slump (I was in one for a long time guys), with my busy schedule I tend to read about 8-10 books a month which I think is pretty amazing. I made a story video a little while ago talking about the pressures I’ve felt and many people feel in the book community to always be reading a huge amount…